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Assured International Trust
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Why Use Assured International Depository Services for Securing Your Precious Metals Storage?



The International Silver Dollar Association’s (ISDA) wholly owned and assured storage facilities, (a.k.a. the ISDA Vault) is domiciled in Norway with contractually secured import/export logistical chains coordinated through New York, New York.  The ISDA is independently operated and maintains complete separation from the G47 Marketplace.  Both ISDA locations (Norway & New York, USA) are staffed with experienced professionals boasting years of experience in working with precious metal and Tier 1 Banking industry Basel compliance, and offers:

  • Secure value storage for retirement backed by precious metals, without posing individual risk of contravening National/International financial regulatory policies due to stipulated adhesion contracts predicated by non-cognizant acquiescence, and/or losing your stored value for your day of retirement in the event of a Governmental policy confiscation or illicit civil asset forfeiture exacted upon your vested retirement holdings under the color of law

  • Private Individual ICO Vesting Accounts (IVA):

    • Electronic Receipt & Verification of your Registered CoVestment

    • 100% Segregated IVA Holdings vested in Assurance Trust, allocated to your sole discretion and benefit upon fulfillment of agreed vesting parameters

  • Jurisdictionally Secured Storage Vault Domiciled in our Internationally Sanctioned Sovereign Ecclesiastical State by U.N. Mandate

  • Cestui que conveyance to your ISDA Assurance Trust is established and facilitated for secured “bullet proof” storage & protection of your stored work energy value to be readily available, and without fail for your retirement years.

    • Your valuable work energy (units of capital savings) is securely stored in the form of precious metal holdings allocated to your CoVested value, and represented in measured values of Intentional Community Opportunity (ICO) units, represented by the currency symbol      .

      •      1.00 ICO is equal to 1.00 oz. of Silver held in the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund Assurance Trust.  ICO’s are stored in the form of American Silver Eagle Coins, and your ICO Vesting Account (IVA) holdings are lawfully representative of your discretionary allocation when you register to open an IVA with a “Basic Account” or greater CoVested contribution. (CLICK HERE)

    • After one (1) year and one (1) day, IVA’s allow you the Benefit of Organic Marketplace Liquidity while still protecting your stored value of asset in silver, without commercial risk

  • Discreet and Confidential Transactions

  • Non-Bank/Non-Commercial/Financial Institution Benefits through other ISDA programs like our proprietary Infinite Cash Flow Management System (ICFMS)

  • Global Member Access & Distribution from our UL(C) / Class 3 Vault

(Under Development)

  • Upon full vesting, you may have real time access to your IVA allocation when you have your very own digital IVA Remittance Card.  The ISDA is working toward the creation of a proprietary ICO-Chain technological platform that allows you to seamlessly exchange ICO's with Small Business Members, as well as other ISDA Members around the world in REAL TIME!​

    • Exchanging ICO's ("     ") with a friend?  First enter the amount you wish to CoVest to your friend with the digital LCD touch screen, then simply double tap your digital IVA Remittance Card directly to to your friends IVA card and...viola!  You have seamlessly exchanged ICO's from your IVA to another IVA Member's account in real time. 

    • ISDA's proprietary digital IVA Remittance Card technology will digitally and physically interact as a portable electronic wallet exchange bearing REAL collateralized intrinsic value underpinned by American Silver Eagle(s), while simultaneously allowing you to make seamless CoVestments for quality goods and services of a G47 Marketplace economy, or between ISDA Members in real time locally, and/or internationally cross-border.

    • ISDA's ICO-Chain technology will offer full ledger transparency, and without using  an easily manipulated consensus based blockchain for accountancy.  ICO-Chain will be a non-consensus based digital ledger qualified and proofed by a peer to peer network both off-the-grid and on the grid!  More on this exciting technology later!

  • Use your interactive digital IVA Remittance Card for active redemption online, or double tap your card at any Point of Consumption (POC) terminal located at any G47 Franchise and/or Sponsoring Assembly. 

Summary of Assured Service Provisions

With provisional vault locations in both the United States of America and Norway, the ISDA’s ICO Vesting Accounts (IVA) certainly provide secure, assured and efficient depository protection to financial institutions, humanitarian funding interests, custodial capital stewardship and individual private CoVestors for retirement protection.  ISDA also offers a full array of fulfillment services available domestically and abroad for your community needs.

The ISDA operates as a sovereign Assurance Trust with Oversight Committee designed to offer full transparency and integrity of overseeing stewardship for the depository of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium further collateralized in application of a G47 Honorable Economy.  The secure leveraging of intrinsic value held within your ISDA Community Stabilization Fund is then capitally enhanced to provide a perpetual funding in strategic contribution to assist in qualified Small Business startups, as well as entrepreneurial creative individuals and/or organizations that exhibit positive community impact. 

The ISDA Vault is domiciled in Norway within Sovereign Ecclesiastical State, and is both sanctioned and approved bearing international recognition via U.N. Security Council approval to be a depository for all precious metals as deposited within the ISDA as an Assurance Trust for designated Corporation Sole.  While both ISDA locations meet the most stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, the ISDA itself is lawfully not subjugated to any de facto commercial jurisdictions, regulations and/or policies outside of the statutes of International & Common Law.  The ISDA also has the distinction of being G47 Global Initiative approved Assurance Trust, and both ISDA facilities are active members of the G47 Board of Directors & Ecclesiastical State, firmly defended by the Ecclesiastical Defense Counsel (EDC).

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