What's a B-Quad Cash Flow?

First, you must arm yourself with the fundamental knowledge of the "Cash Flow Quadrant" as taught and institutionalized among many entrepreneurs by the renowned Investor & Author Robert Kiyosaki:


We Must Modify the Cash Flow Quadrant to be Aligned with Today's Market


The ISDA has the AdvantEDGE & Foresight to provide a more current financial strategy that is designed to accommodate for the increasing economic downturn, unpredictable and volatile market shifts, and foreseeable currency devaluation.

We have literally Re-Defined Big Business and Investing!

Cooperative Procurement Opportunities & C.P.O. Silver Exchange

A "B-Quadrant Big Business System" must first have certain key attributes automatically built into it before it may stand a chance to become successful:

Does your B-Quad System Have a Passive Cash Flow Vehicle?

CHECK:  Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (Businesses) &

                Silver Syndicated Real Estate Acquisitions (Commercial Real Estate)

Do You Have an Appreciative Asset?

CHECK:  American Silver Eagles protected in your ISDA Assured Trust called an

                ICO Vesting Account (a.k.a. your IVA)! (Anticipated Appreciation +700%)

Do You Have Tax-Benefits?

CHECK:  By increasing your wealth portfolio via Sovereign Ecclesiastical State endowed

                Trust (IVA) and generating residual cash flow via CPO Beneficial Interest Units

                (BIUs), you are exponentially increasing your growth rate as you are now using

                100% of your accumulated capital assets in a qualified capital capacity.

                Simply put "NO TAXES TAKEN from your WEALTH ACCUMULATION!"


Essentially, you have a system for generating wealth like "McDonald's" while operating within a tax-excepted jurisdiction like the "Vatican".

With the ISDA & G47, you essentially can, "Have Your Cake... And Eat It Too!"