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Through the G47 Marketplace, online silver redemption platform, members of the International Silver Dollar Association aim to lead a charge pursuant to the predictable Law of Demographic Inevitability.

A Great Economic Shift is upon us today, and we

are working to secure our member’s futures by harnessing the

power of $45 Trillion in wealth set to change hands today.

ISDA Members know how to back this enormous amount of wealth

with U.S. Treasury Minted Silver, while maintaining the necessary

Cash Flow liquidity that life demands!

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The Law of Demographic Inevitability

Harry S. Dent is one of the most prominent leading economic forecasters of the westernized world today.  His demographic analysis and insight is fundamental for anyone who derives a cash flow by harnessing the predictability of market trends. 


His research also concluded that the average person would be spending the most amount of discretionary income at the age of 46.  This correlates to the statistic that the average person buys their final biggest home at the age of 43 and so for the following 3 years they spend lots of money on furnishing etc.  Then after the age of about 49 (think, their kids are done with college and moving out of the house and they become empty nesters,) they start to spend less and less as they move into retirement.  

So a graph of this spending would look something like this:


Utilizing this type of data it becomes clear why things have happened the way that they have. 


So what happens when a man is finally done raising his children and feels a sense of freedom and yearning for his youth?  He goes through a midlife crisis… Time to buy a motorcycle!  Harley Davidson rode this wave for many years however they will never again experience the demand that occurred as all those Baby Boomers were going through their midlife crisis.  Furthermore, following this trend, soon you will be able to buy used Harleys on the cheap.  (after all, how many senior citizens are comfortable riding Harleys in their 70’s)


The housing boom and appreciation that occurred for 25 years was due to the Baby Boomers culminating in the McMansions that started to sprout up after the late 90’s.  Sadly home prices will be depressed for many years as a result of the fact that there is already a home for every person that needs one.  There is no more demand for new houses and therefore new home construction will be depressed for many years and if you want a McMansion there will be plenty available at a fraction of the price.  (As people age they actually downsize their homes, after all, who needs all that space after the kids are gone?)


The Baby Boomers have predictably created demand at every phase of their life cycle.  Furthermore this cycle has predicted the general themes in our ever evolving market demands.  


Here is a graph that depicts those themes:  
(think, Computers, etc.. during the innovation wave)


There were also predictable cycles for how one might invest their capital pursuant to  the Law of Demographic Inevitability, as the following chart shows:


The Power of Demographic Economics

Understanding demographics is a precursor to understanding our economy, your business, and many other things for that matter.

  • What is the average age of your customer? 

  • What is the demographics of the town where you have your retail business? 

Again, you begin to understand everything that is happening. 


  • Do you think with the mass of Baby Boomers moving into retirement that we will see the type of retail spending that we’ve seen in the last 25 years? 

  • Why do you think car demand was so great for so long? 


The Baby Boomers were running their children all over the earth to multiple soccer games, baseball games, etc.  They were running to the stores every day.  As people age they put far less miles on their vehicles and become more prudent about shopping, combining all their shopping in one day a week as opposed to every day running out for something.  We could go on and on with examples, but it suffices to say that understanding demographics makes you understand a great deal about the economy and customers in general.

The one thing about Baby Boomers is they have grown accustomed to everything being personalized for them.  Unlike their parents who were satisfied with one model (that came in white) the Baby Boomers wanted every color and every variation made specifically to their liking.  While everyone likes things that are made just for them, Personalized Business Greeting Cards appeal to the Baby Boom generation as they have almost come to expect this type of personalization.

We highly recommend that you study this subject further to understand how your business and your products are going to sell in a long term trend.  Mr. Dent has several books you can pick up and read as well as others.  Simply put, we know what consumer demands are coming long before they happen, and we understand what it means for the economy and society in the years ahead.

More so, if you understand that most Baby Boomers are between the "Spending" and "Power" Waves of their life cycle, you will understand that the majority of them are now looking for ways to preserve their remaining wealth.  Because Boomers are no longer in the productive years of their lives, they will be more open to putting their money to work for them hedge the depletion of their nest egg and increase the lifestyle they desire to live in the latter half of their lifespan.

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Where Can Boomers Store Their Wealth Today?

And Moreover, How Can They Yield a Return Large Enough To Support Their Living Needs?  

Health-Care Outpacing Baby Boomer Retirement Savings!


Real Estate Equity is Diminishing and Projections are Worse!



What Can Baby Boomer's Do to Increase Their Net Worth?


It is our job as Community Leaders & Strategic Philanthropists to bring a curriculum of financial literacy that draws the Boomer's attention to the devaluation of their real estate portfolio, as well as their IRA, Pension, 401k, CD's, stocks and bonds due to severe shifts in global economic decline and an increasingly volatile "Trade War" which will lead unto the dramatic devaluation of all global include the once all mighty U.S. "Petro" Dollar.

What are you doing to preserve the intrinsic value of your wealth today?  Are you on the receiving end of this coming Great Economic Wealth Wave, or will you be a victim of the coming economic crisis already afflicting so many today...and it's going to get worse.

The Key to Accumulating Great Wealth is to Remember this Fundamental Principal:

Money doesn't disappear, it shifts.  From left to right, right to left, and back again...the key is to always position your portfolio to get between where money is coming from, and where it is going to to capitalize on the CASH FLOW of the exchange!

Do you know how to position yourself into receiving a VERY LUCRATIVE ASSET wherein only few know how it's poised to financially outperform and appreciate even beyond Real Estate in the near future?  


But moreover, the ISDA is teaching people the financial strategies of the Social Elite right here on Main Street, so that YOU can now safely accumulate more of this asset on a "B-Quadrant" residual basis, while maintaining the liquidity they require to live and make lifestyle acquisitions.

And we are showing you how to do this ALL on the TOLL-FREE ROAD with Tax-Free Qualified Capital!

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