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iCovest Because iCare

Building Cash Flows, with CPOs!


"Cash Flow Vehicles for You, Your Family & Community!"


What's a CPO?

What's a PPM?


The ISDA has an experienced team of Strategic Philanthropists who broker beneficial relationships between iCovestors and Entrepreneurs. Our counselors have considerable expertise in sovereign private placement syndication development, facilities and asset management, property acquisition and management, business administration and accounting, as well as business and community development.  We are your team to give you all the enjoyment of cash flow that can be achieved in the most lucrative industry of institutional finance, without the burdens of private property and business ownership.  

Through our extensive international network comprised from organic relationships & organizational contacts, we have built up a diverse portfolio of shared resources to assemble quality Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (CPOs) syndicated in silver producing truly positive cash flow potentials that cater to all appetites.  Our goal is to help you create CoVestment portfolios with significantly lower mitigated risk ratios for your accumulated wealth.  Simultaneously we exponentially cultivate organically catalyzed success via proprietary Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenants that increase your net worth, by formulating multiple streams of Infinite Cash Flow on a multi-dimensional exchange platform!


CPOs are essentially "Silver Backed" Syndicated Projects that are "Community Owned" & "Privately Managed" for service and product distribution. CPO chains operate internationally with the strength of Solid Brand Uniformity and Product Consistency.  Every CPO is part of the G47 Marketplace distribution model and Global Initiative.  Our vision is to inject this Revolutionary Economic Paradigm as a disruptive model to the global industry standard of economic principals. 


CPOs are architecturally designed to REMOVE the overpaid CEOs of the "Social Elite", and bring their wages back to "Main Street!"  Our proven strategies will increase the positive cash flow potentials for all who are actively CoVested with their Time, Talent and Treasure, as well as hugely impact participating communities both domestically and the world abroad. 


CPOs mitigate capital risks by first securing individual CoVestments with cold hard silver domiciled in ICO Vesting Accounts ("IVAs").  While the performance of any business can certainly hold evaluated risks, the Multi-Dimensional strategies of the ISDA and our collective application of leveraged IVA silver assets toward syndicated project funding truly takes CoVesting to another level!

When you CoVest in a CPO, you receive Beneficial Interest Units (BIUs) from a limited unit issuance as conveyed by the CPO Silver Syndication (or "CPO Asset Pool") listing presented on the ISDA CPO Silver Exchange.  We affectionately call IVA Holders (or "iCovestors") who have CoVested in any active BIU issuance, Procurement Participant Members (PPMs)!  

All PPMs receive Relationship & Royalty Rewards remitted on a quarterly disbursement schedule pursuant to the percentage of their CoVested BIU Holdings for each silver backed syndication (CPO Asset Pool).  As such, those who CoVest more, receive more! 


Essentially, we have collectively created a High-Performance Business/Real Estate Syndication model wherein: 


One's willingness to give, truly determines the rewards they continually receive!  

"The CPO is a Disruptive Economic Paradigm Designed to Promote Real Altruism

Through Turn-Key Systems of Capital Rewards and Recognition!"

If you are here today looking for an "investment" to grow and develop your business, DO NOT contact us.  However, if you are looking to organically increase your cash flow potential with exponential positive community growth, the ISDA Family Office wants to introduce you to a new economic paradigm with a range of Strategic Philanthropist iCovestors (ICO Vestors) who indeed have the capital assets and desire to see you succeed.


In a community of Socially Responsible Consumers, with Automated Peer to Peer capital support...we can ALL THRIVE together as an international community CoVested in each other.  

"Individually we are but a drop of water.  Together we are an ocean of opportunity!"

Due to discretion and regulatory sensitivity, we do not publish the intricacies of our Cooperative Procurement Opportunities openly online. 
Please submit a Letter of Request for more information
HERE, and an ISDA Family Office Strategic Philanthropist will be in touch with you very soon!

CPO Silver Syndications Are Simply Better

Passive Cash Flow with Quarterly

Distributions Remitted in Silver

Low Entry Point, No Limitations (Amt./Origin) No MEC or 7 Pay Test Restrictions

We are a CoVestor Culture of Putting People & Communities First 

Easy to Understand Structures wherein  
Shared Expenses are Fair & Reasonable

CoVested Ownership w/CPO Allocations Disbursed via Beneficial Interest Units

Typically Higher Capital Enhancement of Your Asset Portfolio via Tax-Free Royalties

Professional Strategic Philanthropist Offer Active Fiduciary Management

Asset Values are Sustained and Capitally Enhanced via U.S. Treasury Minted Silver

Your Silver is Domiciled and Secured in a Sovereign Vault Under Assured Trust

Online Interactive Clear and Concise Reporting with CPO Graded Performance

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