Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy:  I feel strongly about helping causes related to education and media, that specifically address the needs of the clergy and people in other countries, who need help with multi-disciplinary faith and public awareness of specific issues.  I envision fulfilling my strategic philanthropic goals with faith-based organizations who are visionary and in start-up or growth phase in nature, and whose areas of influence are global in scope.

Clarence B. Harris,Global Relations Coordinator

Ecclesiastical Group (Director)

Bishop Clarence B. Harris founded Christian Fellowship Assemblies, a national spirit filled ministry with a focus on End Time Prophetic Ministry, in 1982. As a graduate of the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida, Bishop Harris majored in History and Religion and minored in Biology. In 1979, he served as a chaplain at the South Dade Federal Corrections Prison in Miami, Florida. He was then commissioned by the Southern Baptist Convention to serve as a chaplain for the University of the District of Columbia and Howard University in our nation's Capital in 1980. While in Washington D.C., he also founded the Open Bible Institute for Christian Apologetics in Coral Hills, Maryland in 1984.


Bishop Harris has for over three decades trained pastors extensively in the U.S., Southeast Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. He has been an international business executive focusing on international business as well as developing new trade routes and humanitarian relief systems for the African, Asian, and Native American Diaspora. He has pastored for and served as a community Civil Rights Leader for over thirty

years.  He Southern Regional Director for the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (AWCF) and First Director of Goodness & Mercy Unlimited (G&MU).


In 2007, Bishop Harris became a graduate of CEO Space International with special training in: Sales, Marketing, Corporate Branding, Capital Language and SEC Compliance, Trademarks and Patents, Networking, Corporate Structures, Corporate Sequencing, Profit Management, Human Resources and Recruiting, Investor Protocol, Corporate Management, and Capital Fund-raising for for-profit and non-profit entities.


Bishop Harris has been an educator, administrator, coach, and alternative school instructor in several of America's public school systems. He was Miami-Dade County Florida's “Mainstream Teacher-of-the-Year” in 1991. He has taught the social sciences, TV broadcasting, and coached many athletic teams to county and regional championships in Florida and Georgia.


In 1981, Bishop Harris authored his first book entitled, “Without Controversy Great is the Mystery of Godliness”. His subsequent books, “A Divine Paradigm of the End Times”, “Salvation the Bible Way”, “Tribulation or Triumph: God’s Plan Your Choice”, and “Countdown to Global Governance” collectively gives one a full disclosure on Jewish prophecy, the Book of Revelation, and biblical typology without a Western European anti-Semitic bias. His most recent book, “How to Study the Bible to Extract Truth and Sound Doctrine”, teaches one how to study the Bible using 27 study methods with full charts and illustrations for Christian apologetics. In a historical and comprehensive biblical way it answers the question, “What is a Christian?” In 1994, Bishop Harris produced a powerful end time video documentary on the Book of Revelation, entitled “Mystery Babylon Exposed”. He is also the founder, President, and CEO of Diversity International Television Network (DITN), soon coming to Atlanta, Georgia.