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CoVest & Open Your IVA Today!

Whether You're "Ramping-Up" Your IRA / 401k with an IVA. 

Or Simply Saving for a Rainy Day...  



Here at the ISDA, we offer the jurisdictional strength of our sovereign state integrated auxiliary platform linking participating ICO Vesting Account (IVA) owners, to qualified ISDA Family Office™  Strategic Philanthropists.  Your IVA American Silver Eagle (1oz. 0.999 Fine Silver Coin) allocations are secured via technology embedded within our sovereign storage facility called the ISDA Vault™ .  Through the Infinite Cash Flow Management System™  and our diversified Cooperative Partnership Opportunities™  (CPO™) made available through an organic international community of interdependent collective empowerment...Your ISDA Family Office is there with you every step of the way!

Infinite Cash Flow Management System

From Bankruptcy to Blessed, with ICFMS!  The ISDA has an entry point for each and every person seeking to go beyond the current status quo, and to achieve the blessed mark of excellence for their life, but more importantly, beyond their own lives!

  • Credit Restoration & Empowerment

  • Accelerated Debenture Management

  • Compound Wealth Accumulation Strategies

  • Strategic Stored Asset Value Protection & Sustainability

  • IRA / 401k / Savings Strategic Wealth Preservation Strategies

  • Secure Sovereign Jurisdictional Asset Storage

  • iCovest Organic Economic Community Development Coordination
    (There is power and speed in numbers!)

iCovest Cooperative Procurement Opportunities

iCovest - Procurement Participant Membership (PPM):

Institutional Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) already know that there is power and leverage when like minded communities come together to achieve targeted goals. 


To surpass the industry standard GPO process, the ISDA has architecturally designed several iOECD (iCovest Organic Economic Community Development) cash flowing vehicles by creating Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (CPOs) that will financially enhance IVA Owners CoVestments by receiving Relationship & Royalty Rewards as Procurement Participant Members (PPMs).  Simultaneously, the net result will positively impact all participating G47 Communities worldwide!

iCovest Professional Alliance Opportunities
  • Modül47 - Professional Participant Opportunities

    • Turnkey duplicatable solutions for entrepreneurial community members​ to CoVest and increase their bottom line with sustainable cash flows, even during an impending time of global & domestic economic depression.  (CLICK HERE)

  • ISDA Extended Family Office - The ISDA Professional Alliance Program

    • This program is offered to qualify EXISTING Financial/Business Development Professionals to skillfully offer and facilitate the distribution of ISDA Programs to so many individuals who are in need today.  Candidates may include, but are NOT LIMITED TO:  Bankers, Estate Planners, Financial Advisers, Financial & Real Estate Brokers, Life Insurance Agents, Loan Officers, Realtors, Series 65, 6 & 7 Licensees, etc.

      See our stringent qualifications list to determine if you are eligible to become an ISDA Extended Family Office or Strategic Philanthropist
      (CLICK HERE)

G47 Community Engagement Programs

​These programs were developed to bring international community awareness to all participating G47 Small Business Member (SBM) products and service providers.  The goal is to stimulate economies on a domestic and local level, with an international audience offering strategic organic empowerment.

  • G47 Grain Harvest Festival

    • A traveling music festival with a "Top 40" musician & celebrity lineup coordinated to draw upon local community stewardship, and to induce a philanthropic iCovest Movement of crowd CoVesting pursuant to Time, Talent & Treasure.  Participants of the iCovest Movement truly seek to empower local sustainable economies as all seed gathered from the collective Harvest are not immediately consumed, but rather these are collectively leveraged, cultivated and only then...they are used to help the qualified selfless entrepreneurs and small business owners of participating local communities!  These are those who are committed to GIVING BACK to their communities!

    • CoVested Entry = One (1) or More American Silver Eagles (ASE)

      • Bring One ASE to CoVest & Enter​​; or

      • CoVest One ASE to the Grain House Initiative Online & Enter
        (Harvested via Event Point of Consumption System)

  • Marketing Media Broadcast & Publications

    • Diversity International Television Network (DITN)

    • G47 Global Marketing

    • G47 Television Network (GTN)

  • Rapid Product Movement System (RPMs)
    • Rev-up Your Business with G47 RPMs!​  Promoting organic production and consumption through an international online trade platform called the G47 Marketplace (

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