Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy:  I feel strongly about helping causes that are related to family and health, to liberty and truth, that specifically address one’s realization of all that one was designed to be. I envision fulfilling my strategic philanthropy goals within a setting that is multi-approaches oriented, is unlimited in vision, and whose area of influence is international.

David BenjaminSenior Counselor

Ecclesiastical Defense Counsel

David Benjamin is a strategic philanthropist who is the Director of Member Development with Kings Counsel and Trust (KCT) and an Ecclesiastical Defense Counselor with the ISDA and the G47 Global Initiative. With a Master of Public Administration degree, David is a life-long educator, speaker, writer, historian, life coach and entrepreneur. 

As a family advocate for over a generation, David helps parents realize the joys and benefits of taking complete responsibility for the upbringing of their own children, with presentations at conferences and conventions that inspire, motivate and empower parents to take back control of their most important and consequential responsibility and to give their children the best possible education.


One of the negative consequences of the loss of parental responsibility for education has been the death of entrepreneurship. The necessary components of financial freedom are just not taught in school. Besides teaching parents how to take back their greatest responsibility, David teaches these little-known truths: the difference between assets and liabilities, how to thrive on passive income, how to “retire” and do what you enjoy doing at whatever age you wish, and how anyone can achieve financial freedom in five years or less.


As an historian, David has some unique perspectives on history, also not taught in most schools – pivotal events in American history like the nation’s founding, the War Between the States, the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the World Wars, the Cold War, 9/11 and the current War on Terror. What kind of government, legally, do Americans have, and how (and why) may it differ from what the Founding Fathers set up? David will definitely hold your attention as, with one of his live online or recorded classes, he gives you a new appreciation for the unique greatness of America.