[koh] (prefix):

1) Together; joint; jointly; mutually: coeducation.

a. Partner or associate in an activity: coauthor; cofounder.

b. Subordinate or assistant: copilot.


2) To the same extent or degree: coextensive.


[vest] (noun):

1) To give (someone) the legal right or power to do something or to own land or property


2) To endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) with something, as powers, functions, or rights: to vest the board with power to increase production; to vest an employee with full benefits in the pension plan


[koh-vest] (verb):

To jointly, in creative partnership, endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) pecuniary stewardship, functions, or rights:  to vest the board with power to increase production and/or intrinsic value of principal asset as entrusted unto its fiduciary care and responsibility for accountability and management.

What is iCovest?

iCovest (Case Sensitive) represents the G47 iCovest Movement which is our version of "Crowd Funding", but CoVested into the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund as American Silver Eagles!  When you "iCovest", the principal of all charitable contributions are not depleted, but increased and then used!

CoVest or CoVesting (Case Sensitive) is the action of charitable giving by Co-Operative Vesting in community projects via collective community contribution to the "Grain House" (ISDA Community Stabilization Fund).

                   We're Not "Crowd Funding"...

                                                         We're "CoVesting!"


The "iCovest Movement" is the activity of our friends and family coming together in unity to CoVest seeds of empowerment to the matters of what truly concerns everyone involved in your local communities.  It is the goal of the ISDA community, that we might allow the abundance of selfless ambition and kindness overwhelm each and everyone through out our cities worldwide tomorrow!

Why CoVesting?

By participating in this collective movement, each individual helps to empower a unified global network of systemic project provision. This provision can include your own sustainable community economic development projects, while paving a firm foundation for future interactions and transactions of resources.


In the spirit of positive community growth, a fully qualified plan has been developed to promote the sanctity of our currently free CASH BASED society, while simultaneously preserving the secured intrinsic value of our monetary system. These factors, coupled with a well-planned organic community empowerment thru our international network of small businesses, will certainly create a significant cash flow through your community, and in turn provide for your family and friends that they may thrive with the strategic assistance and influence of this unified ISDA virtual online community!

It all starts with you, so CoVest today!

The act of CoVesting is NOT making an “Investment,” nor is it making a cash “Donation” simply to be redirected and spent. CoVesting is the proactive engagement of working cooperatively with like-minded individuals toward a common goal, while actively contributing from one’s personal provision of 1 to 3 gifts:


This movement is valuable in so many more ways than just cash, and it will take the efforts of millions collaborating interdependently together, standing in the pursuit of Liberty and Freedom and only by taking ACTION today!

Attend functions, spread the word, educate your family, friends and neighbors, and participate in this global community of producers and consumers standing in advocacy of a sustainable cash based organic economy, empowered simply by how we choose to live this day!


Individuals with specialized skill sets are generally hard to recruit based solely on altruistic contribution toward a positive community goal. 


We are always welcoming people with high integrity who have niche talents and disciplines applicable from all fields.

Strategic Philanthropists truly understand that when we choose to CoVest from our Time and Talent today, these will most certainly procure the Royalties and Rewards of Tomorrow...and not just for ourselves, but for EVERYONE!


By CoVesting in silver domiciled at the ISDA, you are building a “Community Stabilization Fund” that is further leveraged & capitally enhanced.  The value of your principal assets are held in safe keeping and actively managed for increase.  

It is our goal to never diminish the value potential of the principal assets deposited. 

The ISDA is committed to leveraging communal assets, to generate cash flows for the sustainable organic growth of your community which will promote prosperity for you, your family & neighbors.  Programs offered through the ISDA are designed to stimulate your domestic cash flow, and establish a medium of "real value" exchanged for the goods and services within our community which advocates for Cash and Silver!

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