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CoVest in the Exponential Power of Your IVA & Other Cooperative Opportunities!

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Your path to CoVesting via

Self-Directed IRA starts here.

The International Silver Dollar Association (or “ISDA”) is proud to offer our members alternative asset SDIRAs.  Today you can CoVest with confidence in new Intentional Community Opportunities 
(or “ICOs”) (symbol "!") that give you the control and flexibility you need to manage your own diversified portfolio.

Each ICO unit represents 1 oz. 0.999% Fine Silver in the form of an American Silver Eagle held on deposit in the ISDA Vault, and allocated to the ICO Vesting Account (“IVA”) Owner ("iCovestor").  The ISDA Vault is an Assured Trust that jurisdictionally protects our deposits, or as we affectionately call the “Grain House.”

CoVest Today in an ICO Backed by Silver


The ISDA was designed to provide a more secure and sustainable way for participating members to CoVest into Intentional Community Opportunities.  With the added benefit of the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund, this capital is then further leveraged into local small businesses, and the creation of new cooperative entrepreneurial opportunities.

If your IRA or 401k is not currently established for personal designation, a Self-Directed IRA can be setup in as little as three simple steps.  First, you need to open a Self-Directed IRA account, then transfer your tax-deferred savings to your new account, and finally, acquire qualified alternative assets by directing your Self-Directed IRA.

Open a Self-Directed IRA Account

If you currently have a traditional IRA (or 401k), the first step to CoVesting in an Intentional Community Opportunity (or "ICO") is to establish a “Self-Directed” IRA by transfering your capital assets with the facilitation of an Entrust licensed ERISA compliant IRA Custodial Administrator.  The ISDA Family Office can facilitate this process which can be completed quickly, especially if you work with an ISDA preferred licensed IRA Custodial Administrator.

Your Self-Directed IRA Account is Funded...What Now?


Once you have a Self-Directed IRA account, your next step is to fund the account via rollover or initial capital deposit.  If it is a new account, you will wire or transfer money to your IRA custodian.  However, if you are transferring or rolling over an IRA, speak to your custodian to ensure all steps are completed.

iCovest & ICO-Vest!


With a fully funded Self-Directed IRA account, you will notify your custodian that you now intend to fund your IVA.  You are now ready to make an acquisition of ICOs held and recorded via Sovereign Vault Allocation (or "SVA") which will be deposited on ledger at the ISDA Vault in accordance with our Gideon Protocol Access (or "G.P.A.") self-determined relationship level, and pursuant to the amount of your silver contribution(s) to the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund.  These are a functions recorded in acquiescence by your CoVestment as a fully registered IVA Owner with self-determined G.P.A. status.

CoVest Today.