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ISDA ICO Vesting Account CoVestment Policy & Vesting Period

(The ISDA is an Ecclesiastical Integrated Auxiliary Trust and Part of the G47 Global Initiative)

Applies to all ICO Marketplace Websites, ISDA, Cloud, Social Media Platforms

In electing to become a Participant (settlor) by Cooperatively Vesting (hereinafter, "CoVest" or "CoVesting") any endowment in settlement to your ICO Vesting Account (hereinafter, "IVA"), you agree to all Application & Registration Policies as well as ALL Policies & Agreements of both the ISDA & pursuant to your acceptance made in acquiescence of your Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenant. 

Whereby, any and all CoVestments made to the balance of Silver (hereinafter, "Ag") held and accredited to your IVA, shall be reserved and committed to an ISDA "Administrative Hold" pursuant to your IVA Sovereign Vault Allocation (hereinafter, "SVA") of Ag domiciled within the ISDA Vault. 

Upon committing to your ISDA IVA, and the vesting / due diligence period begins, no silver may be redeemed from your IVA balance during your vesting period, only added during the current calendar year as it pertains to various relationship categories and respective thresholds therein.

The vesting period extends for a duration of minimally one (1) year and one (1) day annually in arrears.  Vesting effectively begins the January 2 of next calendar year.  In other words, the last day to add value in the next vesting period is December 31 of the current year.  Your right of rescission to revoke your IVA CoVestment for the full capital value recourse of your contribution shall expire within 5 Business Days (M-F, GMT) from the effective date of your exchange made in transaction this day.  Pursuant to this rescission period,  you agree in acquiescence to authorize the ISDA Family Office to effect a beneficiary hold on your IVA pursuant to your full vesting period and in accordance with your Relationship and Royalty Sharing Covenant. 

Please print and retain the Record of CoVestment automatically sent to your email after each CoVested exchange you make in Participating contribution to your IVA. (Electronic communications will be transmitted to the email address as you have recorded on your G47 Marketplace Member Profile)   This Record of CoVestment is effectively recognized as your SVA for evidence of contribution and beneficial claim of your IVA balance pursuant with each CoVestment of Ag accumulated in allocation assignment and recorded as your IVA balance for your personal discretion and measured as Intentional Community Opportunities (hereinafter, "ICO") permitted for use in exchange between registered members of a G47 Global ECO-nomy.



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