IVA Master Expense Schedule

(The ISDA is an Ecclesiastical State Integrated Auxiliary Trust)

Applies to All Participants Pursuant to Shared Use of the Governing Structures and Websites:  Inclusive of the ISDA, G47 Marketplace, iCovest, CPO Silver Exchanges & CPOs, Cloud & Social Media platforms



Below is the accounting expenses associated with your self-directed IVA, which must always be maintained at a minimum threshold of twenty-one (21) individual American Silver Eagle coins combined on deposit and/or deployed into qualifying G47 Marketplace Community Procurement Opportunities (CPO’s).  Failure to maintain this minimum twenty-one-coin threshold will result in losing your covering afforded by the ISDA protective custodian relationship, and you will be responsible for any administrative costs and/or related third party fees associated with the return of your silver, as well as any value added tax or other tax liabilities.

We are forthright about our shared expenses* and make them easy to understand.  There are five categories: Establishment, Administration, Exchange, Termination, and Other Expenses.  Use our self-directed IVA calculator to estimate your expenses today! 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  These community shared expenses are far lower than other comparable costs you would incur for assets under management elsewhere.

Shared Expense Schedule


Account Establishment Expense
  • One-time, non-refundable amount per account:                              

    • LBMA Daily Fixed + 18.5% (Includes physical logistics and vault depository services of American Silver Eagle Coins)

Account Membership Expense
  • One-time, non-refundable amount per account:                              

    • 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD)*

Annual Account Administration and Maintenance Expense
  • Option 1 - Based on Asset Value (<$10,000):                                    

    • 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD per IVA per year; or subscribe 1 ICO/month, which is the equivalent or greater value of $25/month)*

  • Option 2 - Based on Asset Value (>$10,000 value):                         

    • 2.5% AUS per IVA (assessed quarterly in arrears)*

Account Acquisition, Disposition and Exchange Expenses
  • Acquisition, Disposition or Exchange of Like-Kind G47 Assets:             

    • 0 ICO

  • Acquisition, Disposition or Exchange of G47 CPOs:                 

    • 0 ICO

  • Acquisition, Disposition or Exchange with Non-Recourse Leveraging:             

    • 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD; applies to any leveraged position structured for
      recapturing personal acquisition expenditures apart from ISDA approved CPOs)

      • Max IVA leverage up to 95% Intrinsic Value for CPO Beneficial Interest Unit acquisitions at any time;

        • Self-imposed monthly payments based on a rate between 4.7 to 10.0% less 2.5% AUS to ISDA Admin

      • Max IVA leverage up to 60% Intrinsic Value for personal acquisitions authorized only for fully vested IVAs (1yr/1day);

        • Self-imposed monthly payments based on a rate between 4.7 to 10.0% less 2.5% AUS to ISDA Admin

Account Termination Expense or Redemption Expense
  • One-time, non-refundable amount per account:                                   

    • 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD)


Other Expenses
  • IVA and ACH transfers, incoming and outgoing:                                 

    • 0 ICO

  • Wire transfers, per item, incoming and outgoing:                             

    • 2 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $50 USD)

  • Logistical delivery of assets via FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.:                             

    • All costs & liabilities borne by IVA Holder pursuant to Incoterms 2010 (EXW)

  • Checks, Check Requests:                                                                       

    • ½ ICO/check (equivalent or greater value of $10 USD/check)

  • Cashier's or other official bank check:                                               

    • 2 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $50 USD)

  • Special handling of transactions:                                                         

    • 12 ICOs/hour (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD/hour)

               [includes research of closed assets or accounts, legal research, or similar matters]

  • Returned items of any kind and stop payments, per item:                           

    • 2 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $50 USD)


Important Note: Professional Alliance Program ("PAP") Negotiated Expense Schedule and/or other promotional programs supersede this schedule.  Expense schedules for other services and products are listed separately and must be acknowledged at time of request.


* The number of ICOs for shared expenses may change accordingly without prior notice as based upon the value of silver pursuant to
   LBMA Daily Fixed Rate.

What is non-recourse leveraging


  1. Waiver of 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD) for the Account Establishment Expense
    (Promotional period until July 31st, 2019)

  2. Waiver of 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD, or $25/month) for the Annual Account Administration and Maintenance Expense, for accounts that carry less than 60 ICOs.  
    (Promotional period until December 31st, 2019)

  3. Waiver of 12 ICOs (equivalent or greater value of $250 USD, or $25/month) and/or (2.5% AUS) for the Annual Account Administration and Maintenance Expense, for accounts leveraged in Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (CPOs) up to the intrinsic value of applied leverage toward all CPO CoVestments.  Values held in IVAs not leveraged, shall be subject to 2.5% AUS at the time of calculation.
    (Promotional engagement for the duration of your leveraged CPO CoVestment)


Discover your ISDA Relationship level by opening your IVA, and completing the appropriate G.P.A. Forms to self-determine your clearance credentials.

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