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Getting Started with Your IVA



These Are the Sequential Steps Below to Help You Complete Your Process Toward Financial Freedom:
  1. Create a General Member Account at the G47 Marketplace  (HERE)

  2. Open Your ICO Vesting Account a.k.a. Your "IVA"  (HERE)

  3. Your ISDA Gideon Protocol Access Level or "G.P.A." is self-determined  (HERE)

  4. ICFMS:  Increase your G.P.A. (Level 3 thru 5); Top-Off Your IVA  (HERE)

  5. Is your IVA equal to or greater than !60.000 ICOs?  Please Subscribe (HERE)

  6. Get involved, start building passive cash flows with C.P.O.s! (HERE)

  7. Got an IRA?  Ramp-It-Up an IVA!  (HERE)
    The ISDA enables you to collateralize your IRA / 401k / CD's / Savings with cold hard silver!



Register at the G47 Marketplace &
Open Your ICO Vesting Account Today!

Before you can own an ICO Vesting Account, you must first register as a "General Member" of the G47 Marketplace community.

This step is necessary, because as a function of the G47 Global Initiative, you agree to all Strategic Philanthropy Policies & Agreements pursuant to the remittance of Intentional Community Opportunities (ICO) to include further conveyance via CoVestment(s) managed and exchanged via the G47 Marketplace.  The G47 Marketplace is an authorized international exchange that facilitates the conveyance of ISDA Products pursuant to transference, exchange and remittance between ISDA IVA Owners.

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Step 1: Register at G47 Marketplace


Open Your IVA Today!

Proceed to the G47 Marketplace
ISDA Product Collection and select the amount you desire to CoVest.

Your silver coin exchange demonstrates your Formal Agreement in covenant with the Strategic Philanthropic Policies & Agreements pursuant to your new IVA account.

Further Gideon Protocol Access (G.P.A.) registration is required for your eligibility to participate in the Relationship & Royalty Sharing Rewards accompanied with your IVA.

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Step 2: Open Your IVA Today!


Determine Your G.P.A. Relationship Level

The level of access you are eligible to participate in and enjoy, is really determined by your willingness to share and relate with your fellow ISDA Members and Strategic Philanthropists. 

By completing the ISDA's "Know Your Neighbor" Gideon Protocol Access (G.P.A.) policy, you will have self-determined your clearance level.

The ISDA & G47 Global Community, in essence, is your extended neighborhood of like-minded friends and family.  We are all together focused on supporting each other, and selectively cooperate in capital enhancement strategies to effectually achieve identified positive community goals for the mutual receipt of highly rewarding sustainable Royalties & Rewards via collectively shared resources.

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Step 3: Register Your G.P.A.
Step 4: Final/Ongoing


Watering Your Grain for the Harvest

Wealth is not a fortune won by lottery overnight.  Even though we have the Liberty Stewardship Awards and Silver's Value-to-the Moon Shot to look forward to as IVA Owners ... a mature CoVestor knows that wealth is an accumulation of grain through a series of small collections over a period of time.


The process of wealth generation likewise is not a single event, but rather a series of positive sequential events leading unto sustainable prosperity!

And finally, "Infinite Cash Flow" is not often achieved by the productivity of a sole individual, but rather through the collective resources of like-minded minded people working together in Cooperative Partnership  Opportunities for mutual Royalties & Rewards!

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Ramp-Up Your IRA/401k

GO Further!

Got an IRA or 401k? 

Ramp-it-Up with your IVA!

If you happen to be one of the few blessed with an effective passive growth retirement account in the form of an IRA or 401k, you may be in for an unpleasant reality check.  Soon the intrinsic value of your account may not only deplete due to market fluctuations of an economic crisis, but you may not be aware of an anticipated and eminent global currency devaluation.

That's right!  With the anticipated July 1st scheduled release of a new global currency standard (Special Drawing Rights aka SDRs), and an ensuing worldwide acceptance of this SDR as currency ... well, the US Dollar's former "Petro -Dollar" & "Global Reserve Currency" status will diminish significantly, along with the value of many other FIAT based currencies. 

Simple economic principles project a rapid currency devaluation via rampant hyperinflation.  There will be a need for Gold Backing of all domestic currency leading to a further devaluation of the FIAT currently held in your planned retirement accounts.  Are you prepared?

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"I Said Ramp-Up IRA ...

Not Roll-Over!"

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