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Open Your IVA Account

Step 2

CoVest in Your IVA

STEP #2 - Open Your IVA Account


Now that you have finished STEP #1 in acceptance of the G47 & ISDA Strategic Philanthropic Policies & Agreements, you are now eligible to open your account by CoVesting in the "IVA Starting Package" of your choice. 

Please log-in to your G47 Membership Account and navigate the ISDA ICO Vesting Account Collection (below) hosted at the G47 Marketplace website, and select the opening value for you wish to CoVest into your account. 


Important Note: For a fully informed decision, please read the Master Shared Expense Schedule first, then the description of your selected package (below), as well as any Policies & Agreements as cited in each listing:                                                                      

The ISDA proudly presents to the G47 Global Economy one of the most powerful
"Wealth Generating" tools available today...the ICO Vesting Account or "IVA"!  


Your commitment today will automatically record an IVA Transaction Report (ITR) in the ISDA pursuant to the amount of silver you choose to deposit into your ICO Vesting Account.  The value of American Silver Eagle (U.S. Treasury Minted 1 oz. Silver Coins) allocated to your IVA shall be represented in the form of Intentional Community Opportunity units, or what we here at love to call ... ICOs!  ("eye-cohs")

When you choose to CoVest USD into your IVA (Or your domestic currency automatically converted and transacted in USD), your CoVestment may be lawfully remitted and redeemed for American Silver Eagles (ASE) under Title 12 U.S. Code, Section 411 at SPOT+ pursuant to the 2nd Daily Fixing of 1oz. silver.  These coins are then deposited and recorded to your ISDA IVA ledger.  This collateral value will be reflected in the lawful measurement of ICO's as a currency of the G47 Economy, and may be used in whole or in fraction for the exchange of goods and services exclusively listed here online, and/or between the authorized members of a G47 Global Initiative Economy domiciled in sovereign state.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This transaction pursuant to the --
ISDA ICO Vesting Account CoVestment Policy & Vesting Period

ISDA Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenant

What's Next?

Once you’ve opened your ICO Vesting Account (IVA), we will email you a confirmation of your CoVestment.  Be sure to Print and Retain this as your Sovereign Vault Allocation (SVA) of CoVestment.  Next you will have to register your IVA with a G.P.A. to qualify for access to the IVA Portal where you can read about, and download proprietary information about your new ISDA IVA! 


Next, you will need to setup your relationship/access level for your IVA in STEP #3.

Note: When you acquiesce to the policies & agreements of your IVA at the end of your five (5) day right of rescission, the ISDA will execute your CoVestment and automatically record the deposit of your commitment within the ISDA Vault.  At that time, your CoVestment will be committed for the full vesting period of no less than one fiscal year and one day, held in accordance with your agreement in acquiescence to the Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenant as well as all terms and conditions of the ISDA and G47 Marketplace. You can request for current information regarding your SVA collectively held on deposit within the ISDA Vault.


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