Register by Determining Your G.P.A. RelationshipLevel


Register Your IVA:

Determine Your Gideon Protocol Access (GPA) Relationship Level

STEP #3 - Register & Determine Your G.P.A.


Having opened your ISDA IVA with the minimum commitment of 21 American Silver Eagle coins in STEP #2, now you MUST register your new IVA.  This action defines your self-determined Gideon Protocol Access (G.P.A.) Relationship Level and Access Privileges concerning the ISDA Facilities and Online interface (more commonly known as K.Y.C. process). This action also qualifies you to participate in the ISDA Honorable Rewards Protocol. 

Gideon Protocol Access (or "G.P.A.") is an IVA Owner's self-determined access level as required according to their CoVested contribution of silver made to the ISDA Vault, which is then further allocated and assigned to their IVA.  Your GPA Relationship Level is simply qualified and
self determined by your level of engagement pursuant to how far you desire to complete the ISDA-IVA G.P.A. forms.  These forms were designed to reveal how much you truly desire to begin your personal wealth building initiatives, and to help define your willingness to get involved in any of the positive community contributions & established economic vehicles for sustainable economic impact.

For further details about each G.P.A. level, click here.

(Note: The Form below is submitted via HTTPS so your information is secured)

Register your IVA GPA level by filling out the form below:

Subscription:  Every IVA owner with greater than 60 American Silver Eagles
 CoVested (60 ICOs) is encouraged to share the responsibility of maintaining a monthly G.P.A. Subscription to support the administration and security of assets domiciled and protected within the ISDA Vault assigned to your benefit.

What's Next?

If you have completed the above form, you've finished registering for Levels 1-3 Gideon Protocol Access (G.P.A.). You should have received a copy of your submission via email. (If not, check your spam folder)  You will be notified if any issues come up. GPA Approvals may be rejected upon further review of the ISDA Board, and if rejected, the CoVestment will be immediately recoursed
IN FULL back to the applicant.


Now you can jump straight to STEP #4 to learn about ongoing steps you can take with your IVA.


Note: If you want to apply for Levels 4-5 G.P.A., you can do so at STEP #4. However, you must have completed the Levels 1-2 form above first before proceeding to the other forms in Step #4. You can fill out all of the forms at the same time, if you wish. 

After you have Determined your G.P.A. and have completed the Gideon Protocol Compliance Forms, you can also:


Note: Once committed to the ISDA ICO IVA, and the vesting / due diligence period begins, no silver may be withdrawn, only added to one’s IVA balance during the current calendar year as it pertains to various relationship categories and respective thresholds therein.  The vesting period extends for a period of minimally one (1) year and one (1) day annually in arrears.  Vesting effectively begins the January 2 of next calendar year.  In other words, the last day to add value in the next vesting period is December 31 of the current year.