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Final/Ongoing Steps For Your IVA

Step 4

Final/Ongoing IVA Steps

STEP #4 - Final/Ongoing Steps For Your IVA


Congrats for those that moved here from STEP #3

We will logistically coordinate and secure any metals storage -- pursuant to your commitment of American Silver Eagles to be Assured & Domiciled in the ISDA Vault with a Sovereign Vault Allocation (SVA) record of your discretionary allocated holdings. This is specified within the policies and agreements of your transaction(s).  You can request for current information regarding your SVA collectively held on deposit within the ISDA Vault.


Other Steps You Can Take With Your IVA

Top Off Your IVA!


The "IVA Top Off" is merely our version of "STASH" where you can setup a subscription to CoVest any amount between 1-1000 Coins per week, month or year.  The ISDA IVA program is NOT referred to as "iCovest", but rather the IVA is a defined financial program of the ISDA.  The ISDA and ISDA's IVA are all part of the most ground breaking and economic paradigm shaking iCovest Movement!

TOP OFF YOUR IVA BY COMMITTING 1 TO 1000 SILVER COINS ADDITIONALLY, AFTER YOU OPEN YOUR ICO VESTING ACCOUNT ("IVA")! You can CoVest one-time, weekly, monthly, or annually. If you set-up a subscription, you can top-off automatically (at the intervals of your choice) and forget about it! It's convenient and you don't have to remember to do it manually.

If you desire to "Top Off" your IVA on a Weekly, Monthly or Annual Subscription, you can do so below:

Your commitment today will automatically record an IVA Transaction Report (ITR) pursuant to the amount of silver you choose to deposit into your ISDA ICO Vesting Account.  The value of your IVA shall be represented in the form of Intentional Community Opportunity units, or what we here at G47 love to call ... ICOs!

When you choose to CoVest into your IVA, USD may be lawfully remitted and redeemed for American Silver Eagles (ASE) under Title 12 U.S. Code, Section 411 at SPOT+ pursuant to the 2nd Daily Fixing of 1oz. silver.  These coins are then deposited and recorded to your ISDA IVA ledger.  This collateral value will be reflected in the lawful measurement of ICO's as a currency of the G47 Economy, and may be used in whole or in fraction for the exchange of goods and services exclusively listed here online, and/or between the authorized members of a G47 Global Initiative Economy domiciled in sovereign state.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This transaction pursuant to the:

Increase Your GPA Level Access -- Apply For GPA Levels 3-5


If you already submitted your form for GPA Levels 1-2 from STEP #3, and you want to apply for Level 3-5, you can do so below. 

Your Gideon Protocol Access (G.P.A.) security clearance level is simply qualified from your self determined level of engagement pursuant to how far you desire to complete the ISDA-IVA G.P.A. form.  This form was designed to reveal how much you truly desire to begin your personal wealth building initiatives, and an illustration of your willingness to get involved with positive community contribution to establish vehicles for sustainable economic impact.

For details about each G.P.A. level, CLICK HERE.

(Note: The Forms below are submitted via HTTPS so your information is secured) 

Register your IVA GPA level by filling out the form(s) below:

G.P.A. Levels 3-5 Form:
G.P.A. Level 5 Form:


Shared Maintenance Expense

(for IVAs with greater than 60 ICOs)

For those with IVAs carrying greater than 60 ICOs, we are all responsible to assist in the maintenance of this liberating program.  Active recurring CoVestment is our duty within a strategic organic G47 Community!  By collaboratively contributing to the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund, we are only sewing the seeds of grain unto the effective sustainability of our international community.  A small contribution, across a multitude certainly makes the burden lighter for everyone.

Note: IVAs with a value of more than $10,000 in Silver also carries an AUS of 2.5%

(assessed quarterly in arrears)

Let Your IVA Work For You!


Participate in the Infinite Cash Flow Management System (ICFMS) Freedom Program. Each person has their own goals and needs, so ISDA doesn't believe in "one size fits all" solutions. Whether you need to re-birth, re-build, monetize/collateralize, generate, sustain, and/or create a legacy for your financial situation, ICFMS is here for you. Whatever your needs are, we have the solutions!

For more information about the ICFMS Membership Programs, click below:

What's Next?

Learn More!

If you desire to educate yourself further and/or learn more about all of the ISDA's offerings that can lead you to financial freedom and abundance, we welcome you to explore the following pages/sites:

Note:  When you Log-in to your iCovest IVA member profile on this site, you will also have access to a multitude of resources! 
             (pursuant to your G.P.A. Level).

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