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Introducing the  “Intentional Community Opportunity” 
and the ICO ("    ") based economic structure!

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Human nature will often shy away from that which is “new,” though we find ourselves attracted to what is “refined” … because we fear that which we do not TRUST.  Therefore, what is proposed is not new … but an improvement upon a corporate script – a local currency of intentional communities of the last century (Disney Dollars or WIR Bank of Switzerland, for example).  While investigating a less than unique concept, “WIR” (short for Wirtschaftsring, German for “Economic Circle,” and “WIR” = German for “we”) is a complementary currency system in Switzerland offering a clearance mechanism in which businesses can buy from one another without actually using Swiss Francs.  Sound familiar to the “ICO-Vesting” system of an international G47 Marketplace?



One way in which “trust” can be defined, is that, “…it is a risk assessment and judgment between different parties.”  In the digital world, determining trust often boils down to proving identity (authentication) and permissions (authorization).  Crypto currencies do not resolve this issue, and in fact, are just another example of a manipulated fiat currency, albeit in digital format.

For there to be functioning economy, there must be transaction.  For there to be transaction, there must be trust.  For there to be increased productivity, there must be trust in a seamless real-time accountancy which allows for a multitude of expeditious transactions.  According to David Horsager in his book, “The Trust Edge,” trust is the bedrock of genuine success which can be identified and quantifiable via eight pillars: 1) Clarity, 2) Compassion, 3) Character, 4) Competency, 5) Commitment, 6) Connection, 7) Contribution and, lastly, 8) Consistency … which is why the world needs the G47 Intentional Community Opportunity system as a demonstration of how best to serve the complexity of requirements of a physical world internationally, while maintaining the ability to function within a digital economy.


  • an investment;

  • a regulated securities offering;

  • an “ICO” associated with an "Initial Coin Offering";

  • another form of fiat currency;

  • a “crypto-coin”;

  • a “crypto-currency”;

  • a “token”;

  • based on block-chain technology;

  • based on a manipulable consensus algorithm;

  • an alternative currency where natural man must still work, or mine, for economic value;

  • in a single word, “statutory”



In addition to the silver redemption cards and certificates offered at the G47 Marketplace, is a first-in-kind sovereign hallmarked silver solution to provide another complementary digital currency system for those seeking wealth transference and preservation solutions alternative to fiat currencies, and/or to hedge against any related economic downturn.

Contrary to the marketplace buzz over the more than 400 recent "Initial Coin Offerings", this proposed digital “coin” is NOT a coin at all, but rather, a secure peer-to-peer transparent accountancy system (developed on next-gen Fintech via holistic protocol) backed 100% by physical sovereign, minted, hallmarked silver coins (initially the America Silver Eagles) domiciled and deposited in the International Silver Dollar Association (ISDA) designated vault.  For the purposes of the iCovest Movement, the American Silver Eagle (ASE) “coin” value will follow the familiar convention of denomination to the nearest one hundredth of a troy ounce of 0.9999% pure silver relative to the spot price value for exchange purposes.  All redemptions shall transpire according to the principle cited in Title 12 U.S.C. § 411 – “in lawful money.”



Participants within our international G47 Marketplace (iCovest, SBMs, PCMs, Global Y2C, TRN, and others globally) create exchanges using the ASE via fractional value redemption and conversion process that takes in local currency from the initiator, redeeming those funds from the credit side of legal tender on the balance sheet, to the debit side of lawful money (e.g. precious metal sovereign minted, hallmarked silver coins … initially, the American Silver Eagle Dollar) at daily spot price rates plus a standardized transfer and processing fee.  

The title of stewardship for the silver is held in “The Grain House” (ISDA Community Stabilization Fund or ISDA-CSF), where it may be allocated  and transferred through a distributed ledger entry, giving the initiator verification and authorization to complete the exchange of goods or services in the lawful money of silver coinage.  Likewise, the receiver of the coins has a similar offsetting distributed ledger entry that completes the exchange of coins for coins … principles of basic double entry accounting.

Active member participants of the G47 Marketplace effectively set up a “digital account” called an ICO Vesting Account a.k.a. your "IVA", allowing them to exchange the coins in the same manner as cold hard cash.  In the G47 Community, we refer to the 1oz. of 0.999 Fine Silver intrinsically associated with each ASE coin jurisdictionally held at the ISDA Vault, as an Intentional Community Opportunity...or      1.00 ICO.  As in any other exchange, the initiators and receivers will agree on an ICO value and the diversified ledgers are debited and credited in the ICO equivalent at the time of the exchange.  

(      1.00 ICO = 1 ASEInstantly the allocation of coins are exchanged at the then-existing rate of exchange and the respective value is shown on each ledger accordingly.  Exchanges can occur online through the internet, or by local non-Wi-Fi exchanges via Bluetooth reciprocation between local proximity smart-phones and/or tablets, and/or manufacturing our own proprietary ICO hard crypto wallet devices.  Redeeming some or all in measurable portion to another local or alternative currency, assuredly works the same way in reverse.

Whenever a new participant enters the arena (or an existing member brings in new funds), once cleared, they effectively authorize the ISDA-CSF to acquire new physical silver coins that effectively become the collateral underpinning of the ISDA-CSF “Assurance Trust”, and the issuing asset for stewardship and eligible exchanges.  All exchanges, therefore, are backed by real assets of sovereign, minted, hallmarked, silver coins of lawful money.

Participants of the Global Y2C/G47 “Grain House Initiative” may acquire coins for physical possession, contribute coins to the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund “The Grain House”, and/or now with this digital complement, transact in daily exchanges with other G47 Participating Small Businesses, as they will now have the ability to swipe a card or tap a personal mobile device just as some already do in an all too familiar Visa or Digital Wallet mobile app interface. 

Regardless of what form the exchange takes place, all exchanges are already guaranteed to be 100% backed by the lawful money of silver.  Nothing has changed in regard to the *four primary functions of money; or the **six characteristics of money; except that now it just became much less cumbersome to conduct business worldwide, in real-time, and without the fallible conflict of interest to hoard, control, or manipulate it. 

*   Four Functions of Money
  • Serves as a representation store of value.

  • Serves as a unit of account.

  • Serves as a mechanism of exchange.

  • Serves as a standard of deferred payment. ***

** Six Characteristics of Money
  • Durability: Objects used as money must withstand physical wear and tear.

  • Portability: People need to be able to take money with them as they go about their business.

  • Divisibility: Money must be easily divided into smaller denominations or units of value.

  • Uniformity: Any 2 units of money must be uniform (the same in the terms of what they will buy).

  • Limited Supply: Money must be available only in limited quantities. ***

  • Acceptability: Everyone must be able to exchange the money for goods and services.


*** “Represents an inherent conflict of interest to regulate/control and/or manipulate.”


Now imagine that through the G47/ISDA ICO system, a sizeable international capital exchange can now be transferred between two parties located on opposite sides of the planet occurring in REAL TIME, eliminating the 7-14 day international “Compliance Holds” performed by self-interested private financial institutions who are more interested in their sweep account balance trade programs, than facilitating the real time needs of your daily exchanges!


Things Happen.

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