Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy:  I feel strongly about helping causes related to their Economic Development.  I address the organizational and financial models of early stage and in-revenue organizations. Specifically, those who need help with their development of business and financial skills for surpassing sustainable conditions. I envision fulfilling my charitable goals with an altruistic-based mission driven organization where my experience can be used to assist with their strategy, their business model and their sequence of activities by creating a metrics-driven, cultural operating system, either delivered as guidance or in a hands-on turnaround.  Therefore, I am especially interested in organizations who want to develop team dynamics for maximum impact.

James Judson Dygert, Strategic Philanthropist

Economic Strategist & Treasury Adviser

James Judson Dygert having retired from the U.S. Treasury Office of Currency Control, is now a well versed Business Strategist who uses non-directive leadership as the form and function to assist organizations in how to manage themselves better.  James empowers the leaders, and those doing the work, on how to drill down and find the chief contributing value driving activities that show up in their three bottom lines of: Customers, Impact and all their Financial Statements.

Since every organization also works with limited resources, they need to run effectively and efficiently.  As such, it’s not good enough to be effective if you are not also efficient. Otherwise you will run out of resources and the vision and mission is subject to failure.  James says: “When doing your vision with limited resources – failure is not an option!”  James helps organizations find the key drivers that result in operational excellence while providing workforce satisfaction.

To better understand what James does, all organizations have an Operating System.  By defining business development (Organizational Activities) and financial performance (Financial Statements) as the term “Operational Finance”, James links the key drivers and all their financial outcomes into a Value Creation Map of the Operating System.  And, by empowering the organization to put their formidable force of focus and attention to find, correct and monitor those ever-changing key 3-5 constraints clarity is obtained, energies are awakened, behaviors change, and performance and impact are improved.  

James was originally trained as a bank examiner and is skilled in audit procedures. His early training led to honing his skills in organizational development, leadership development and cultural driven metrics.  Besides being a business owner for more than 35 years, James has developed and advanced his skills over the last 12 years by being regularly active with an international business accelerator for early stage and mid-sized companies that has been ranked in the top 5 for the last 4 years by both INC and Forbes on line.  James consults, mentors and advises to entrepreneurs while maintaining a high contribution to volunteering.