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Professional Alliance

Details about the ISDA Professional Alliance and Social Exchange Network

Professional Alliance


The ISDA Professional Alliance encompasses members that participate in Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (CPOs), (including) Procurement Participant Members (PPMs), Project Principals with listed ISDA Projects, and G47 Marketplace
Small Business Members (SBMs) who participate in the Rapid Product Movement System (RPMs).  This alliance is a way to maximize cash flow while being part of a community.  Become part of the family!

The ISDA Members are a combination of strategic philanthropists who fearlessly and generously inspire, teach, train, transform and foster “stewardship” on a global basis, with a worthy goal of developing “love” and “trust” through transparent relationships while serving socially-redeeming initiatives:


  • Affluent individuals & families

  • Organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit)

  • Private foundations

  • Other grant-makers and/or NGOs that make grants or write PRIs and MRIs

  • Professional Advisors

Principals known as “ISDA Members” or “iCovestors” as the case may be, give out of current income, donor-advised funds, privately held assets, foundations and corporate profits.  These Principals typically donate their time, skills, and 10-30% of their gross annual increase -- most focus their giving toward philanthropic organizations.  Together we are a people with passion and purpose whose priorities and practices are to prepare, participate, partner and prosper together. We compose a powerful Social Exchange Network.

Social Exchange Network


Rather than conventionally “sell”, “take”, “assess interest”, “broker” or “transact” with other member’s goods or services, the ISDA Family Office (ISDAFO) expressly “shares” in trust, the collective intellectual, emotional, social, relational, and real property (collectively referred to as “Resources” and a variety of “Rewards”) of the collective ISDA Social Exchange Network of Members according to the terms of a mutual covenant, honor, and trust.

Small Business Members


The ISDA Family Office has already facilitated the startup of several new small business organizations, and is continually working to increase the bottom line of their overall success pursuant to productivity and positive community impact.  We are daily seeking out new innovative ways to help, you, your business, your community and the world abroad to make a positive impact on everyone we come across. 

The ISDA Family Office doesn't simply provide micro-finance loans to fund your business, we also provide the necessary support through our many educational resources coupled with the personal counsel of our Strategic Philanthropists and other online interactive tools. 


Most importantly, we are plugged in!  The G47/ISDA Social Exchange Network members are a community of so many like minded individuals with a common interest that BINDS ALL OF US IN ONE ACCORD, the love of our fellow neighbor, and the pursuit of sustainability concerning all participants' well being!

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“The people at the ISDA Family Office are so sincere, and with their help guiding me through the step-by-step process of the Infinite Cash Flow Management System, I was able to get out from under a mountain of debt, launch a new and exciting business, and more importantly, I was able to reclaim my life with true authority over my next destination.”

Dana Satorimoto, Mitomi Designs

Join Prof Alliance


Are you interested in qualifying for an ISDA approved CPO, or submitting your SBM and/or Private Project to become part of the ISDA Professional Alliance and Social Exchange Network?

If so, click below...

Professional Alliance

Talent Opportunities

With so many wonderful talents, skills and discipline within the International G47 Global Community, we need your help!

If your talent fits into one of these categories, and you desire to CoVest your Time and Talent in a movement that is developing Ambassadors for Social Change, we want to hear from you! 


Please download the following Brochure of Talent Opportunities Here: 

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