Modül47 Mobile Force Recon Opportunities

The photos and images above represent some of the Modül47 (M47) Mobile Force Recon Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (CPOs) available. ISDA's Social Exchange Network community includes a myriad of opportunities (as showcased throughout the ISDA website) and a network of participants. Becoming part of the M47 Mobile Force Recon allows you to participate in the Professional Alliance and the greater whole of the ISDA Social Exchange Network. ISDA’s strategy creates a world of trade, without borders, amongst Social Exchange Network members. 

By opening an IVA at the ISDA, the hours and hurdles that the current process takes to grow and store your wealth is eliminated. Additionally, by becoming a Mobile Operator to run your own M47 Mobile Force Recon Unit through the ISDA, you can "be your own boss" and create the cash flow you need. You will also have access to the ISDA Family Office systems of support that will not only help you avoid "potholes" on your journey to launch, it will also help you and your M47 Mobile Container Unit become successful and sustainable. Do you want to set yourself and your M47 Mobile Container Unit up for success, while learning a great deal along the way? Then you are probably in the right place. We can't promise that any journey onward and upward to greater things is "easy", but we will do our best to help the process be "simple" (certainly more simple than if you attempted on your own).


Basic Minimum Requirements


  • You must have the character traits of passion, integrity, leadership, desire to improve communities, and perseverance. ISDA's M47 Mobile Force Recon Unit development system is designed to separate those who are merely “interested in an opportunity” from those who are “absolutely committed” to executing their career plans.  This process is designed to test one’s perseverance, servant-leadership skills, tenacity, and the ability to effectively communicate.

  • You must agree to and comply with ISDA's Professional Alliance Policy and Standards of Excellence, along with ISDA's other Policies & Agreements

  • You must have the ability to complete all of the Submittal items. 

  • You must be an ISDA IVA holder with a G.P.A. Level 3-5 relationship. The reason for this is to gain the level of relationship needed with the ISDA Family Office for the ability of cohesive M47 Mobile Unit development/communication, as well as showing that you have "skin in the game" for the groundwork needed to launch your Unit. Note: If you do not have the ability to obtain G.P.A. Relationship Levels 3-5 currently, we recommend that you list your opportunity by creating an iCovest page in the G47 Marketplace.

Do you have a desire to see your time and talent impact your treasure principle?

Do you want to qualify to become part of M47 Mobile Force Recon as a Mobile Operator?

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