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We at ISDA believe there is a better way to find authentic marketplace relationships.  Failure rates are similar for marriages and business mergers, acquisitions, and related administrative disillusionment is leaving only a small portion deeply satisfied with one another over the long term. The problem is one of sustainability and unity. These relationships can be described as a combination of the following: compatibility, compromise, love, and forgiveness. ISDA will bring ethical principles with moral fortitude and behaviors to the marketplace.

This proprietary Know Your Neighbor (KYN) solution provides a guided journey for anyone seeking opportunities to be matched with compatible associates with whom they are more likely to enjoy a long-term relationship in the marketplace.  Many people of all beliefs and backgrounds have used such a solution to identify compatible long-term marketplace relationship opportunities. A journey of passion with the pursuit of one’s calling can maximize his/her potential, as well as help humanity (with Time, Talent, and Treasure).

ISDA remains committed to investigating and understanding what makes long-term relationships successful in order to keep its model up-to-date and relevant for domestic and international markets.

Important Note: Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements before moving forward. This below-listed process may involve additional information and/or documents to be completed/provided upon request. In addition, the time-frames in the steps are general in nature. Other factors can affect the timeline, such as project types, holidays, or other unforeseeable events.

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