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Project Provisions


The ISDA manages a communal grain-house of "Provisions" to share with qualifying projects. Projects that have completed all the required phases will be listed or matched with strategic philanthropists (Social Exchange Network of CoVestors) for consideration. The ISDA releases communal provisions where cash flow potentials are observed by two separate boards of directors. The G47 Board will have committees at the local participating municipality, while the ISDA oversees the Global assessment.  Together we apply the communal provisions to the most "worthy" stewards.  

Where there is greater potential for cash flow, or where the PPM quota is needed for an under-provisioned CPO, the ICOs received from both AUS Schedule and CoVestments received from the ICFMS PPM commitments may be used to complete the gap to initiate the Procurement and Project progression.

Important Note:  To “qualify” as a social-enterprise under the foregoing strategies, an organization must understand that:

  1. The primary purpose of the social-enterprise is to further the well-defined social mission and philanthropic purpose of the Principal (the servant-leadership).

  2. The acquisition of property or personal income are not primary purposes.

  3. The provisions are not to be used to support any lobbying or special interest activity.  Unlike a grant or forgivable debt financial structure, ISDA’s structure is program-related and mission-based awards, through social-enterprises, which are expected to be reinvested back into community.


The capacity of the applicants to comprehend the fundamental belief that: Money doesn’t build companies or solve problems … people do.

Project Categories


There are three categories of projects to be processed through ISDA and its subcommittees. Initially, special emphasis will be placed on projects that involve consumables and commodities.


The three (3) categories are as follows:

1.  Social Development


  • Dysfunctional family and education related issues

  • Orphanages, Clinics

  • Housing

  • Business enterprises, Employment, Job-creations

  • Business Development and Training, Micro Economic Projects

  • Community Development Projects

  • Land usage and Commercial Development

  • Alternative living facilities and retirement centers

  • Adult educational learning and skills centers

  • Affordable Housing, Water Initiatives, Low-income housing, and Underserved Populations, e.g. persons with Disabilities, the Homeless, and the Hungry

  • Illiteracy, Community Learning/Recreation Centers

  • Youth alternatives to gang membership, such as Job training, etc.

  • Cultivate and enhance untapped minority markets

2.  Humanitarian Projects and Programs


  • Water wells in 2nd and 3rd country development

  • Food Relief Programs, Agricultural and Land development

  • Food Production: Sustainable Agriculture Alternatives (e.g. agriponics, aquaponics, etc.)

  • Educational centers, Schools, Clinics

  • Tele-medicine, Virtual education, Distant Learning Centers

  • Family Entertainment & Education (suitable for all ages): Theme Parks, Movie Theaters, TV Stations, Video, Music, Radio, Film, Communications, and Education.

  • Real Estate:  Only mixed-use preferred, New Construction and Redevelopment properties, Office, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Warehouse, Self-Storage, Manufactured Housing, Resort Hotels, Ecotourism, Residence Clubs, etc.

3.  Infrastructure Projects


  • Technology and Telecommunications

  • Water treatment

  • Roads, Bridges

  • Energy, Hydro-electrical

  • Desalination, Power Plants, Tunnels, Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Public Transportation, Construction and Manufacturing Technologies, etc., designed for public use

  • Mining & Commodities: Oil, Coal, Gold, Precious Metals, Gems, etc.

  • Commodities: must fall into at least 1 of these 5 categories in the following order of preference:

    • Currency Reserve: Precious group metals (e.g. Gold or Silver)

    • Energy

    • Food

    • Manufacturing

    • Transportation

  • Alternative Energy & Renewable Fuels:  Biomass, Biofuel, Waste/Heat Reuse, Solar, Wind, Bio-Diesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Hydro, etc.


Important Note:  Based on market demands, ISDA will approve projects that are in high demand, and reflect the latest breakdown of project needs by geography and industry.



Projects & Organizations Excluded by ISDA

  • Single-Purpose Real Estate:  Non-Mixed-use Real Estate

  • Those that Exploit Others or Animals: Cheap labor, infants, the unborn, human trafficking, etc.

  • Special Interest Groups: Political / self-serving geopolitical organizations

  • Controversial, Illegal, or Unethical Business Involvements (including corruption, bribery & money laundering  practices)

  • Securities / Equity-only finance: Private placements, options, warrants, public securities, municipal securities, government securities, currency, etc.

  • Organizations seeking public exchanges or public charities as exit strategies

  • War zones are off limits. As a general rule, countries with revolutions and whose governments are unstable must go through a full due diligence process by the Board of Directors for approval of humanitarian assistance.

Excluded Controversial Business Involvement:

Other ISDA Resources


In addition to the myriad of resources available via the ISDA website, Phase I of the deployment of regional ISDA Business Plan Development Centers and Training Seminars will be set up in key cities throughout the U.S. These centers will be made available on a monthly basis for designated community leaders, their staff, and members, to provide instructions on how to write and construct business plans. An ISDA Business Plan Development Center will be coming soon, to the following U.S. city locations, Canada, and the Caribbean; INITIALLY BY INVITATION ONLY:



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