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Project Readiness

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Step 1 of the Project Application Process


Aligning Opportunity with Corporate Readiness


The ISDA desires to align one’s passion, cultivate one’s strengths, and help fulfill the visionary’s destiny. Hopefully, with assistance from ISDA’s processing system, an entrepreneur’s passion, ability, and opportunities will all align themselves at the same time.  Often, when the opportunity arrives, some find themselves strong in passion, but unprepared to implement. This is because their abilities and supporting management team may be deficient. It is of utmost importance that the Project Principal's (i.e. project lead's) ability and the management team be in a state of readiness in order to capitalize on opportunity when it comes their way. 


In short…


  • Passion is in most leaders - sometimes in the form of ambition, inspiration, or heartfelt dedication;

  • Abilities are developed over time - via life and learning experience, as well as skill set training;

  • Opportunity arises less than the drive of passion and abilities – opportunity is about timing, and being in the right partnerships, business or industry, and involves sweat equity, labors of love, and destiny (as this case may be).

The alignment of Passion, Ability, and Opportunity can seem almost impossible for many, but not for those who have faith.  We therefore, propose the following process:


  1. Cultivate one’s passion for a consuming, all-time commitment. One must work on his particular skills, gifts, talents, and strengths to serve other people, versus simply serving himself. In serving others, one will find their opportunities to use his gifts and capitalize on them.

  2. As one is focused on outward training, he should also cultivate inward skills and character; he will worry less about missing opportunities and most likely step into them with ease and grace. Opportunity will then find him, rather than one having to search for it.


We promote the principles supporting the law of harvest … our rewards are deferred, sometimes for a long period of time; however, we realize that when we plant, we do so with the expectancy of a harvest at just the right time, in “our season”.  Hence, we desire to share in that celebration with you as we help cultivate your vision for the harvest. 


Project Readiness


The first stage of our unique process is to determine one’s project readiness and the capability of the corporate principals’ team to complete the process. The efforts of the principal and his/her management team will be revealed with a clear line of project demarcation. This dividing line of distinction is designed to separate those who are merely “interested in an opportunity” from those who are “absolutely committed” to executing their business plans.  The first assignment is designed to test one’s perseverance, servant-leadership skills, tenacity, and the ability to effectively communicate. Unlike traditional acceptance or rejection of projects (with or without explanation) through the ISDA system, if one is not selected initially for funding, it does not necessarily mean “no”. It may mean, “not now”, or rather, “perhaps later”, when their project and their team are better prepared.  We encourage the business’ principals and their supporting affiliate partners to present their very best in the sequence of the next steps below (along with the necessary prerequisites); then reapply as mentioned herein.

Intake Process
Stage 1.  Initial Connection (completed within 1 week of Intake form being received)


If you meet the minimum requirements for participation, please complete the ISDA Letter of Interest Form below. The Stage 1 process includes the following...​


Conducted with project’s Principal(s) after a signed ISDA Letter of Interest Form is received by ISDA, and may include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Review of publicly available documents on Internet, social media, website, and other public information systems (which may include background checks as indicated in the ISDA Professional Alliance Policy).

  2. Feedback from outside parties (e.g. CoVestors, industry experts, etc.)

  3. Local market interviews to assess demand for the type of programs and reaction to the particular organization

  4. Explore values relationship, responsibility, market sector demand, and of like-kind cross-pollination.

  5. Conduct initial intake interview between the Project Principal and ISDA team via conference call (by phone or video conference platform) to discuss: 1) the info provided in the form submission to gather more details, 2) go over the process (including next steps), and 3) answer any questions/concerns.


If it is clear that the Principal, their management teams, or their projects are not a good fit, the project will be terminated with the possible option for re-submission at a later date. Otherwise, Stage 2 is commenced.

(The Intake form is submitted via HTTPS, so your information is secure)

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