Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy:  I help causes related to community development that specifically address the needs of children through direct humanitarian activities and leaders through compassion in action. In order to accomplish these goals, I partner with social-enterprises that are rescue oriented, restorative in nature, and whose area of influence is global but local in scope.

Ryan Dean Eldridge, Strategic Philanthropist

Senior Wealth Manager

Ryan Eldridge is a Senior Wealth Manager with the ISDA, Director of Accountancy for Kings Counsel & Trust (KCT), and Senior Adviser at Financial Freedom Controls.  Ryan is a Strategic Philanthropist dedicated to helping others to become more effective with what they do, to give away what they can’t keep, and to gain what they can never lose.

For more than a decade, Ryan has worked with individuals and organizations on brand strategy, fiscal responsibility, and leadership development by helping them improve their financial health and live a more balanced, rewarding life. Over the past decade, Ryan has developed coaching programs and workshops to help people clear a pathway to living free and more abundantly.  

Ryan also cultivates a unique blend of diverse business disciplines with over 20 years of experience in: cash-flow management, compensation strategy and procurement, tax planning, business start-up and development; as well as fiduciary and financial services. His relentless focus on professional excellence and passion for people continues to yield him success in helping others become debt-free while mastering the art of giving and receiving.