The National Debt Scam - Understanding the Artificial Economy


Imagine that you have a printing press at home that can print money, and there is a law that requires the money that you print to be accepted by every person and every business in the country. You could buy multi-million dollar mansions, the most expensive luxury cars, top-of-the-line clothes, Rolex watches, yachts, private jets, and the best of fine artwork -- all without limit, and beyond your wildest dreams. You could become a famous philanthropist, creating programs to help the poor, the unemployed, and the elderly.

Let that sink in for a minute, and explain to me how you would go trillions of dollars into debt. You wouldn't. Why would the thought of borrowing money ever cross your mind if a group of prominent bankers came to you and said: in spite of your good deeds, popular opinion is building, people fear the unregulated printing of money. We are the country's top economists, and if you give us your printing press, we will give our official endorsement provide the illusion of constraint and gladly lend you any amount of money that you a very low interest rate which, by the way, you never have to repay. Really, would you trust them? But that is exactly what we have now. The government can print United States notes and spend them, which was last done in 1963. But it cannot legally print Federal Reserve notes and spend them!

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation -- a government-sponsored enterprise, and Federal Reserve notes are private corporate bank notes. The Fed effectively owns the printing press and can print, or otherwise create, any amount of money totally independent of any congressional approval or oversight. And in order for the government to borrow more money for its budgetary-con-game, it borrows the money from the Federal Reserve.

The Fed purchases government Treasury bills, Treasury notes and Treasury bonds in exchange for its newly created money and then sells the securities on the open market at a huge profit. And all of us are stuck with a perpetual interest payments through ever-increasing taxes, plus the hidden tax of inflation! Printing United States notes and spending them without that is, however, not a good alternative. It would still cause inflation, which not only hides the real tax rate, but also discourages saving, and has a destabilizing effect on the economy.

What is the SOLUTION?

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