Pastors Are Seen as a Primary Voice on Poverty

New Barna research shows that pastors’ thoughts concerning the world’s poor are highly valued: a strong majority of the Amercian public (88%), including 92 percent of practicing Christians, trusts the opinion of a pastor when it comes to the issue of global poverty, alongside the opinions of individuals who have worked or lived in poverty and even ranking above the opinions of reporters, academics and politicians.

In some ways, the trust that the American public places in pastors’ opinions of poverty presents an increasingly rare public platform for ministers: previous Barna research underscores a sort of “cultural credibility crisis” for pastors, showing that just one in five U.S. adults sees Christian clergy as very influential in their community (19%) or as an esteemed voice on important issues of our day (21%). Yet pastors have incredible potential to lead the charge and position the U.S. Church as a powerful force in anti-poverty endeavors—whether they like it or not.

In this infographic from The Good News About Global Poverty, a new Barna report produced in partnership with Compassion International, we look at how pastors currently perceive and steward their decisive influence on the subject of poverty—a life-saving responsibility.

A strong majority of the American public (88%), including 92 percent of practicing Christians, trusts the opinion of a pastor when it comes to the issue of global poverty.

About the Research The data in this report originated from a series of research studies conducted by Barna Group of Ventura, California.

Phone interviews and web-based surveys for U.S. Adults were conducted among a representative sample of adults over the age of 18 in each of the 50 United States. Once data was collected, minimal statistical weights were applied to several demographic variables to more closely correspond to known national averages. Protestant senior pastors were recruited from publicly available church listings covering 90 percent of U.S. churches. Data were minimally weighted to match church characteristics from the National Congregation Study for denominational affiliation, church size and region.

About Barna Group Barna Group is a private, non-partisan, for-profit organization under the umbrella of the Issachar Companies. Located in Ventura, California, Barna Group has been conducting and analyzing primary research to understand cultural trends related to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors since 1984.

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According to the latest research, it looks like pastors have the greatest "trusted" influence on poverty and given that poverty is a spiritual issue, can you imagine how the right message could set the captives free?

While this is a tremendous article illustrating the statistical analysis of Pastoral influence upon our communities...what more than just conveying "the right message" to a congregation from a pulpit, but rather to "being doers" by setting an example THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS?

What if there were a system that combines economic conversion coupled with a viable solution brought before the spiritual reinforcement of the churches this day? Every Pastor, Priest, Bishop, Apostle, Clergy Member can really make a difference by plugging into an established turn-key duplicable economic reform strategy with a proven systemic natural probability of success.

It is time to Take Action above your words, to influence communities in LEADING BY EXAMPLE. Break away from the "Broken Paradigm" of continually pursuing donations to fund mission field activities, only to provide food for the day at your local soup kitchens and having to beg again tomorrow. Consider establishing a Ministry focused on Stewardship and Fiduciary Management of Cash-Flow Vehicles geared to influence micro-economies already existing within each of your organic communities. By pulling people together through a TOLL-FREE International Platform of Silver Based Exchange, you are setting the rubric standard wherein ALL can thrive off of a BODY UNIFIED rather than divided by a multitude of Diaspora.

Pastor, will you consider this day working together with the Sovereign Ecclesiastical State jurisdiction of the ISDA and the CPO Silver Exchange to TAKE ACTION by establishing a radical NEW PARADIGM for your Church Economic Strategy, wherein you stop the process of "BEGGING" for donations from your attending communities, and move into an era of "PROVIDING" to those in need by giving them opportunities vs. handouts?

Church Leadership...will you consider a typology predicated on Jesus having first asked for the Body to bring Him what they had (5 Loaves & 2 Fish: Mt 14:18-21), and then he multiplied the provisions to feed 5,000 people...before teaching them. Likewise, if the Bible states that He now resides in the Body, should the Body not do the same today?

Thereby will the pulpit consider BREAKING this broken church paradigm of taking the provisional seed offered unto your organizations through a perpetual process of asking for donations while depleting the very capital resources received through the redistribution of wealth? (Many times to support and reinforce socially adverse habits: communism, lethargy, substance abuse, etc.)

At the same time, many in the pulpit do not address the fact that their parishioners often leave to work for maligned interests, prospering those corporate institutions rather than Small Businesses of their organic communities which are more relatively aligned with your ideals and objectives. Why not provide opportunities through Small Business Vehicles for those who have been reformed in prison, or down on their luck, people who need a fresh start to achieve more in life, while plugging them into proven cash flow strategies that would significantly help their financial situation, along with the overall economic health of your individual communities! This can only be done by working together for common goals with brand uniformity and international participation!

Would it not be more prudent to use your grain offering to establish economic vehicles within your communities that will first MULTIPLY these provisions, that your organizations might actually have enough resources to feed the masses of your community being the "Cultivators" and "Providers" while bringing the hope to the people as you continue to administer the Word without begging for donations?

Would it not be significantly greater witness to be doers of this NEW PARADIGM, creating Small Businesses within your Body that benefit your communities? Would this not provoke others to jealousy, and to get them to be more involved with your communities by the way you live in addition to what you say?

The ISDA offers that you will consider establishing both Organizational IVAs and Individual IVAs throughout your body and communities, for the establishment of Cooperative Procurement Opportunities designed to launch Small Business Vehicles empowering your communities both in Word and Deed.


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