ALERT!!! US Mint Illegally Stops Silver Eagle Sales AGAIN!!!

Video was Published on YouTube by Bix Weir | RoadtoRoota

  • What do you think that the U.S. Treasury's freeze on minting American Silver Eagles will do for their value?

  • Why do you think the powers that be, who can manipulate the COMEX that is, would do this?

  • Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

  • How can you benefit from this knowledge?

  • Where can you build a retirement nest-egg with jurisdictional security coupled with cooperative opportunities that create generational cash flow beyond yourself?

As we have been sounding the trumpet concerning the active assault on cash, and an impending economic systemic failure that is about to be unleashed on the global is amazing to know that still so many people have NOT taken the time to secure the intrinsic value of their retirement savings (IRA/401k/CDs/Savings) and/or their real estate equity positions.

If you are NOT currently a registered IVA Holder with an "ACTIVATED" ISDA Community Forum Membership, you are totally missing out on a ton of wonderful AdvantEDGE & Foresight we truly provide only to the Subscribing Members of our International Silver Dollar Association!

You see, EVERY Registered IVA Holder/ISDA Member is not only poised to be in a significant Positive Cash Flow position at this very moment, but the collective future of our organization is so bright that we can't sleep at night!

While the world's economy teeters on the brink of a mega Trade War, Currency Devaluation Race and Sovereign Debt Ratio Implosion, we have been wise in stewardship to collectively pool our resources to a better future!

Our proprietary Generational Wealth structures powered by an Infinite Cash Flow Management System are set on HIGH-SPEED & VERTICAL! Members of the ISDA have the peace of mind and sleep easy at night, knowing that their asset base is sovereignly secured from any form of lawful, legal or illicit asset forfeiture by means of private equity law and/or governmental confiscation.

More importantly, we enjoy maintaining our liquidity benefits offered exclusively through the ISDA iCovesting Portal, wherein ISDA Members can leverage the intrinsic value of their IVA up to 95% LTV. This unique feature of Self-Directed CoVesting allows members to collectively put their money to work through Cooperative Procurement Opportunity Asset Pools, which are designed to create generational CASH FLOW through Special Purpose Vehicles that employ strategic organic Active Asset Management for quantum capital enhancement!

Simply put...


  • Protect the intrinsic value of your storage of wealth with silver (American Silver Eagles to be exact!)

  • Protect your nest-egg from jurisdictional liability and legal claims

  • Grow your wealth portfolio "TOLL-FREE"!!!

  • Leverage your asset for strategic active asset management growth vehicles

  • Accomplish MORE with a Collective Community Cooperatively Collaborating for Cash Flow (Collectively harnessing the power of our individual IVA's, the ISDA's proprietary online platform of internationally CoVested members can now help each of us achieve the same vertical capital scalability at a capacity which was previously only available to the ultra-high net worth of society!)

  • CPO Silver Exchange lets you capitally enhance the value of your asset portfolio, but at a rate that was only previously available to the Social Elite, and only now we are allowed to bring their strategies to "Main Street!"

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