Gold to Silver Ratio Rally Coming! Up 400% Against Gold?

September 6, 2018

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 Published by TurthNeverTold on





As we are now discovering...there is indication that the U.S. Treasury Mint has frozen the minting of American Silver Eagle coins, and now we explore the divergence between silver and gold ratios.  Most people don't invest heavily in silver because of a number of reasons, but mainly the cumbersome nature of amount and weight to preserve any real net worth.  However, if you don't, how can you get the AdvantEDGE & Foresight on the game of wealth creation, when you don't partake of the asset class whose value is observably the most appreciative in the very near future?


The ISDA has a solution to protect your nest-egg in the form of a precious metal asset which is observably the most appreciative vehicle available today...the