Future Wealth: Why Amazon Will Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

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Townhall Editor’s Note: In recent years, Amazon has reshaped entire industries with its innovations in e-commerce and its acquisitions of retail stores like Whole Foods.

Today, Jeff Brown, Townhall Media’s Official Wealth Creation Expert, shows why Amazon may soon take an unprecedented step into cryptocurrencies. And as an investor, this is a development that should be on your radar.

Most investors missed it…

And the mainstream media, as far as I know, never even reported on it…

But while Wall Street remains fixated on the ups and downs of bitcoin, something unusual is playing out behind the scenes in the blockchain industry.

And it could have huge implications for cryptocurrencies… and even change how business is done… forever.

In short, I believe a major U.S. company is about to issue its very own cryptocurrency…


What I’m about to tell you may sound unbelievable. But I’ll show you all the proof. Then you can decide for yourself.

The company I alluded to is Amazon, the e-commerce and web-services giant. And I believe it is about to issue its very own cryptocurrency.

You likely know Amazon as an e-commerce company. Maybe you’re even an Amazon Prime member and use the company’s fast delivery services.

But investors who think that Amazon is in the business of just selling books, electronics, and dishwasher detergent online are unfortunately missing the big picture… Unless you dig in and understand what’s happening behind the curtain, it’s easy to miss.

Even our own Bill Bonner (founder and chairman of Bonner & Partners) has had his doubts about Amazon. He famously called the company the “river of no returns.”

I mention this briefly because it’s a bit of an “elephant in the room” for readers of Bill’s daily Diary.

I’ve known Bill for a while now. I have nothing but respect for him. And he’s had some great calls over the years. Yet on Amazon, we certainly agree to disagree.

We first discussed Amazon over breakfast in July 2015. I contended that the company’s stock was worth every penny and that it belonged in every investor’s portfolio.

Bill didn’t bite. And that’s fine. As professionals, we can disagree from time to time. And it’s healthy to consider differing viewpoints. That’s how you learn, after all.

But there has been an interesting development with Amazon. And as an investor, it should be on your radar…

Strange Discovery

You see, something interesting popped up in the internet domain name registry recently. And it looked like this:

Amazon registered the new website address: “www.amazonethereum.com”.

And it registered another: “www.amazoncryptocurrency.com”.