Coming Financial Crisis Much Bigger than 2008

 Published by Greg Hunter | USA Watchdog


A reality check is about to hit America when the paradigm shifts from the U.S. Dollar being the "Reserve Currency" of the world, and the realization that it NO LONGER IS catches up with the global economy...Americans will be shocked when they realize that they actually have to produce goods and services in high demand in order to generate the real capital necessary to procure the goods and services they need to survive. 


Your economic plan is NO LONGER based on simply buying more Toner and Paper!



Hyper-Inflation of Economy Causing Massive Currency Devaluation, Real Estate Equity Descending, Sovereign Debt Irreconcilable, Banks Reaching Insolvency, Social Security on the brink of bankruptcy, Pensions broke, IRA & 401k devaluation killing your financial future, and a Global Recession on a Scale NEVER BEFORE SEEN fast approaching!