Global Economic Debt Bomb Ahead – Have Guns, Gold & A Getaway Plan!

Gerald says “when everything goes bad, have guns, gold and a getaway plan”. Here’s what Gerald sees coming, and where he sees gold going in price…

Gerald Celente interviewed on SBTV

Veteran trends forecaster, Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute, speaks with SBTV about how the gold price performed from the 80’s to today – the peak in 1980, why the gold price was flat in the 90’s and what fueled gold in the 2000s. Gerald also gave a price forecast based on the current geopolitical and economic situation now and the trends he sees in the future.

Discussed in this interview:

  • 06:34 The US going off the Gold Standard in 1971.

  • 11:36 Gold prices in the 80’s and 90’s.

  • 12:46 Catalyst for the gold bull market in the 2000s.

  • 14:13 Trends Research forecast for the gold price.

  • 19:55 Government gold confiscation?

  • 21:59 Low interest rates juicing equity markets.

  • 27:42 US a fascist state?

What are you going to do? Run around with your Gold & Silver in your hands? Is that a practical solution for a period of civil unrest?

Or is a sovereign domicile protected by international authorities with a turn-key cash flow system to keep the liquidity that you need to survive through increasingly difficult economic times?


#PreciousMetals #Geopolitics #Banking #Economics #Money #OSINT #Gold #Silver #FED

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