iCovest in Organic Economic Community Development: A Movement that Builds People, who Build Businesses!

November 13, 2018

It's Time to Join the iOECD Movement!

The ISDA's primary objective is to be the largest solution contributor for families around the world to prepare and financially thrive in an impending economic crisis.


Despite what the media says, the facts don't lie, with a Baltic Dry Index "Drying Up", stocks dropping under manipulation of the "Market Makers", and Silver is so artificially suppressed that even the "Market Makers" can no longer hold it down!  Meanwhile, the ISDA is 100% on board with the "iCovest in Organic Economic Community Development movement, or ("iOECD Movement")!


Our prevailing economic strategies and solutions launched via community gatherings where Cooperative Procurement Opportunities (or "CPOs") are presented.  These CPOs are firmly built upon the foundation of time tested and proven Cash Flow Vehicles, organically sourced, and uniformly built via communities providing the necessary Start-Up & Expansion capitalization via the collective leveraged asset base of iCovestors gathered in an international G47 Marketplace.  Together, we are cultivating and organizing proprietary CPO Silver Syndications to manage and capitalize sustainable passive cash flows under the counsel of our ISDA Family Office.


Most people who do not have an entrepreneurial mindset, nor an understanding of how most real "Big Businesses" are forged, don't realize that from birth to the heroic stature Big Business can carry within your society begins FIRST with the people, and not the business!