Fort Knox & Why You Should Stack Silver Not Gold

The US bullion Depositary was specifically created in 1936 to house the 1933 gold confiscated from American citizens so the government could print more money!

There has been skepticism about the contents of the depository since 1953 and that skepticism has never been truly satisfied.

It is crystal clear to me that the nations gold reserve cold storage assets have NEVER been properly inventoried, 100% weighed and most importantly 100% assayed to validate its content and purity. This is despite the fact that U.S. Presidents have demanded it, Congress has demanded it and citizens have demanded it and yet to this day it has never been accomplished! Substantial evidence has been presented to every level of our government that there are discrepancies with the audit system. 7 missing audits, no assay reports accompany any of the audits, all the container joint seals where upgraded in 2010 and yet those containers were never re-audited as per U.S. Mint and U.S. Treasury policy! Citizens have come forward with compelling theories and evidence of the removal of gold from the depository and the government has refused to take the necessary steps to refute those accusations.

And finally, a foreign nation receiving a repatriated shipment of gold bars from the United States discovered that they were not made of gold but only gold covered tungsten. Regardless of the cost, I feel there should be an immediate 100% full assay test of every single gold bar in the possession of the Treasury Department! This would once and for dispel any issues regarding the authenticity of the nation’s Gold Bullion cold storage reserves.

Additionally, all quantities of gold bars in custody of the U.S Treasury should be clearly identified to the public if they are assets of the U.S. government, or on lease to other governments or entities or if they are being stored by the U.S on behalf of other nations or entities. This way we can finally know what gold belongs to who.

The reason for the title of this video. I have no idea anymore what the current gold price is based on. If there are 1.5 million 40-ounce tungsten blanks covered in gold floating around the gold market, combined with all the ETF’s and other manipulations. I just don’t know what’s going to happen to the gold markets when all this becomes public knowledge. I’m just sticking to only silver until all this mess plays out!


However if your stacking silver without a plan for maintaining liquidity with bulletproof asset protection from looting, confiscation, legal liability and other risk adverse situations, you are really not in any better position than those without!

Time is running out to stack and prepare for the greatest Economic Shift of Our Lifetime!

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