Gold Price Rigging Right Before Fed Release...GOT SILVER?!

Even though there's MILLIONS of TONS of gold in the Grand Canyon...the Fed and US Treasury still have to Rig the game right before any Fed Announcement! So sad it's come to this.


Are you prepared for the coming storm?

Food Shortages, water shortages, electrical grid down...this may go on for months, or even years. Proactive preparation eliminates fear and uncertainty. While storing food and water, ensuring the protection of your family with defense tools of your preference, the ISDA offers the IVA to store your wealth in a measure where neither people nor your government can take the value storage of your wealth away. Devaluation of currency will not effect your storage of wealth, in fact, a devaluation of currency typically leads to a surge in the appreciation of REAL MONEY...SILVER!

The ISDA has the only assured value protection for your storage of wealth so that you might come up ON THE OTHER SIDE of a storm that is clearly on the can be left with nothing, or way ahead of everyone capitalizing on the situation, and playing the trend to your AdvantEDGE!

Victim is a choice.

Leaders move today, assuring their future tomorrow!

CoVest in Your IVA Today!

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