Gold & Silver Will Survive Whole System Burning Down

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter is “not worried at all” about the current price smash down for precious metals. Holter says, “We live in a world where all liabilities are more than all liabilities in history.

"This whole system is going to come down. . . If you see a house burn down, the only thing left is the foundation. That’s the only thing left because the foundation doesn’t burn. That’s what gold and silver are, and that’s what’s going to be left when this house of financial cards burns down.

Why are dark powers intentionally driving metal prices down? It’s all part of a very simple thought control message. Holter explains, “Basically, it’s so the people believe that gold is bad and the dollar is good. It’s basically to support the dollar, and also thus support the Treasury market. . . . This has to have an official backing to it. It could not be done if they were not given a pass. This would not be going on if there was true rule of law. . . . We don’t have free markets. There are no markets. All markets are rigged. . . . Markets should be panicking that we are moving towards hyperinflation. All markets are locked down, and they are locked down by derivatives. . . . In 2008, there were $1.4 quadrillion in derivatives. How is it possible that derivatives are larger than the system as a whole? The answer to that is because derivatives have become the system. Derivatives are what price the system. You are basically putting up one cent to control $1. So, it’s easy to put the price of something where you want it to be.”

Holter contends, “The entire system is based on debt. The entire system is a liability. So, some people are getting some of their money out of the system into real money (gold and silver) which is no one else’s liability. . . . The biggest thing is there is too much debt in the system. Everybody owes everybody, and all you need is one link in the chain to break. All you need is one entity that cannot make good on what they promised.”

After the Interview:

Holter says simple math over the last 11 years shows China has, at the very least, more than 26,400 tons of physical gold. Holter says China gold mining production is around 400 tons a year. That’s 4,400 tons, and then you add 11 years of gold imports of 2,000 tons a year, and you get 22,000 tons. It all adds up to more than 26,400 tons of gold, and that does not include gold China already had. China’s long term play has been to acquire gold, and Holter says that is bullish for gold prices in the not-so-distant future.

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