Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy:  I feel strongly about helping the following three causes related to families and health that specifically address the needs of:  1) providers serving the malnourished in need of nutritional / digestive / clean water solutions; 2) parents or family care providers of cognitive/physical challenged since birth, who need help with maintaining the family unit throughout their dependents life time; and 3) those seeking freedom from the bondage of pornography and human trafficking. I envision fulfilling my charitable goals with non-profit organizations that have multiple approaches, are innovative and entrepreneurial in nature, and whose area of influence is international. 

Thomas Edward Richter, Strategic Philanthropist

Beta & Operational Compliance Adviser

Thomas Edward Richter is a Strategic Philanthropist who is also manages the help line for Kings Counsel & Trust (KCT).  The ISDA is a social enterprise dedicated to strategic philanthropy and stewardship, and helping others fulfill their philanthropy and stewardship goals, and this is why Thomas's developed skills are viable as a qualified Strategic Philanthropist.

Thomas has an interest in developing relationships in a variety of industries, including Health initiatives, sporting initiatives, and care givers of families blessed with special needs members.  With ten years in direct medical durable sales and twenty years in the home improvement market, he enjoys working with various professionals and executives with higher standards of excellence dedicated to strategic philanthropy for altruistic purposes through business plan development and corporate sequencing for capital funding.

Strategic Philanthropists seek to teach, train, and transform those desiring to foster stewardship” of their: “Time, Talent, and Treasure”.  This approach to the area of finances allows us to cooperatively satisfy the strategic philanthropy (social enterprise) aspect of a financial great commission towards stakeholders of the community at large.


Thomas is a visionary thinker who recognizes that relationships built on trust are priceless currency, adding value to all stakeholders which leads to freedom, while debt and equity instruments lead to bondage. In short, Thomas' name meaning is "Twin",  Edward means "Wealth Guardian" and Richter means "Judge/Magistrate", and that is the call and role he is living.