What Is An IVA?

An ICO Vesting Account (or "IVA") is a financial program for individuals to hold allocations of American Silver Eagles (or "ASE") within the ISDA Vault pursuant to the terms and conditions of the ISDA IVA Program and one's self-determined Gideon Protocol Access (or G.P.A.).


Intentional Community Opportunities 
(or "ICO's"), pronounced "eye-kohs" or
"eye-see-ohs" when addressing the measurement of our accepted currency medium whereby 
!1 ICO = 1 ASE (1 oz. Silver) domiciled and deposited in the ISDA Vault, and allocated to benefit the IVA Holder pursuant to the quantity of ICOs assigned to their IVA.

What is the ISDA Vault?

International Silver Dollar Association Secured Vault

The Most Jurisdictionally Secured Asset Protection Services

The International Silver Dollar Association (ISDA) is the Social Humanitarian Organization overseeing the compliance directives of the ISDA Vault.  The ISDA Community Stabilization Fund is the Assurance Trust. The ISDA Vault is the Ecclesiastical State Integrated Auxiliary Trust jurisdictionally protecting our deposits, or what we affectionately like to call the "Grain House". 

The ISDA and G47 Marketplace invite you to qualify and become a Participating Community Member of our exciting and exclusive silver cash based economy by CoVesting one or more American Silver Eagle Dollars into the International Silver Dollar Association's (ISDA) Community Stabilization Fund  today!

The ISDA Vault, has many Assured secure facilities domiciled within internationally sanctioned sovereign jurisdictions, bearing diplomatic immunity conjoined with a Notarial Authenticated Apostille blessing from its host nation's government and monarchy.  Simply put, commercial regulators bear no legal or lawful jurisdiction to flex any controlling authority over the assets held within our vault.  Thereby, no de facto agency under the color of law may lawfully pursue any unwarranted gains through illicit civil asset forfeiture proceedings.

It is now time to PROACTIVELY put your IDEOLOGY into ACTION by joining us today, as we begin to assemble an international body of like-minded people to uniformly engage in a coordinated preemptive strike against the agenda of an Orwellian cyber-controlled “cashless society” dream!  Your action in CoVesting today is critically needed, and the charitable contribution you make to your ISDA Community Stabilization Fund truly has its rewards in so many ways!