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Why Silver?

It may sound old school, but real LAWFUL money – silver & gold – is one way of providing a safe harbor for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  How would it feel to have the assurance of always having the right of holding REAL MONEY in your hand?  How about a Debit Card accounting for real money backed by Silver & Gold?


Why Now?

We MUST ACT NOW while society as a whole still has the opportunity to move in this direction!  Not just the opportunity to hold real lawful silver/gold money in your hand, but an actual marketplace in which all goods and services are exchanged and moved in terms of 0.999 fine silver. 

Imagine if 10% of all transactions were set aside in the form of one ounce 0.999 fine sovereign silver (legal tender) in a “non-depletion” account.  Now imagine further that this special account also supports global initiatives which are aligned with a higher purpose and plan for the empowerment of your family, friends and community!